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Color of the year: I’m so blue (I’m not). Pantone has announced its 2022 Color of the Year. . . very periTechnically speaking, it’s PANTONE 17-3938.I’m a little lonely ultimate gray (color of the year 2021) and I are famous and get along well and still don’t want to break up. Love Very peri, at least not yet. It’s very deep and cool. (Like us, that’s fine.)

Hello, I’m Berry Peri.

I must sound like a serious Scrooge. Because here’s what the people at Pantone say about Berry Peri: Opens us to new visions as we rewrite our lives. ‘ And I’m all about curiosity, creativity and intrigue!

“I try to apply color like the words that make up poetry, like the notes that make up music.”

– Joan Miro

i don’t take all the colors of the year that too Seriously, I wear a small, mostly neutral color palette and can always find something I like. I am buying.

But does this mean that my favorite shops and online catalogs will be flooded with purplish blues for the next 12 months: sheets, coffee cups, iPhone cases, rain boots? Eyeshadow, cars, lamps, curtains? My wardrobe is happy with neutrals and a few shots of color, and I like warm, vibrant colors like gold, teal, and warm red for my home decor.

here are some small ways Might be so Playing with the newly painted colors:

I love the periwinkle accents on this sock. sauce.

“I’m a drag queen. I want attention-grabbing colors. The world doesn’t need another palette with eight tans and one blue.”

-William Berry

Berry peri whispers in a great pair spec.
And a gorgeous vintage brooch. sauce.

What is your reaction to Very Peri? Feeling down or up?

The Not Dead Yet Style will be “off” next week so you can recharge, refresh and get your face splashed. ☺ Have a nice holiday.

great stay, xo

Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are some goodies to browse:

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