Color Me Courtney – Holiday Hack

Little cutie! I finally started decorating for the holidays and bought a lot of stuff. walmartNow, the fun part is… putting it all together, but decorating, hosting, gifting, cooking, and everything else can get a little overwhelming! I would like to share a few things! let’s do it!

Holiday hack: These will save you a lot of time and energy!!!

Convert bar cart In Santa’s sleigh! This is one way to reuse what you already have. Turn your bar cart into a gift cart on Christmas morning, or a hot chocolate cart until the big day!

DIY meal Add an element of fun to cooking cotton candy machine, Homemade ice cream maker PopcornDoing these food activities will keep your guests entertained and make food preparation a project for everyone!

keep it a secret If you are traveling to someone’s home and have not wrapped the gifts yet, simply hide them inside yours suitcase After unpacking! No one snoops there! This also works if you are at home. Because no one will think you are using a suitcase.

Stock up on smells – buy extra candles & use slow cooker If possible, both will provide your home with a wonderful scent while you are enjoying it. candle Deck for last-minute holiday parties or surprise visitors dropping by!

Let’s make a photo booth!Take high-quality photos and videos and set them to help you cherish the seasons. ring light As a mini photo moment! You will be happy to capture these moments later!!

one for everyone get tons of blanket of different colors For your guests, this way everyone can have their own colored blanket During your stay!

color me treeAdd some whimsy to your decor with unnaturally colored wood. Make your guests smile!

& When in doubt – build your own deck!!!
This is only once a year, so more is better.Go above and beyond with accessories, wear all colors and go overboard with all decorations!! Not sure where to start? Here are some favorites to help you out walmart

Hope this helped!! Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays!!!

This post is made in a sponsored partnership with walmart.

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