Color Me Courtney – Holiday Decorations @ Walmart

Color Me Courtney – Holiday Decorations @ Walmart

Holiday Decorations @ Walmart | Color Me Courtney


October 28, 2021

Little cutie!Excited to start planning winter holiday decorations, yay! ! !

Today I would like to share some of the discoveries I have made in partnership with walmartI love buying colorful, trendy holiday decorations to use year after year.
We will introduce how to decorate this fall in the item form walmartI’m usually late to parties, so I go more in the fall. keep it up Through Thanksgiving!

I got a white pumpkin walmart Painted to match my colorful bookshelf!lots of great crafts walmart It can double as a fun activity and decoration. like these!

If you’re ready to start decorating for Christmas (no judgment here), you’ve got all the holiday goodies. walmart that too! I designed two different product plans based on two Christmas aesthetics.

Let’s go retro! walmart We have some of the cutest vintage looking Christmas decorations. Here are some of my favorites sorted by color.

Make it pop! If you want colorful and gorgeous Christmas decorations, walmart Lots of quirky pop works! They work well together or can stand out on their own!

We hope this was a fun way to get you excited for the holidays! walmart Swirl!Happy Holidays & Happy shopping!!
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