Celebrate Claude’s 10th birthday and good health with Ollie

Can you believe Claude turns 10 this month? I don’t know how the time has passed, but when you look at her pretty Winnie face, you can see her gray hair now, and how much she has spent with us. She was part of our family, our very first child, and I remember the night Matt and I picked her up in Miami like it was yesterday. She showed us what it feels like to be a parent together. She’s been there through both of my pregnancies and hugged my bump, but she’s her fifth member of this family and we call her “Queen Ween.” increase.

Now that she’s older, one of the things I’ve really been focusing on is making sure we’re feeding her quality food, and we’re making Ollie absolutely I love it. They offer freshly baked meal options that are made to mix and match. Each recipe is created under the guidance of a veterinary nutritionist, and baked foods (which we prefer) are gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and maximize the benefits Claude receives. I also love that it’s delivered to my doorstep on a schedule that fits my busy and random working hours. Plus, shipping is free.

Take a closer look at what the Queen of Vienna eats to stay young and vibrant! Ollie offers two gentle baked recipes: a beef and sweet potato recipe and a chicken and carrot recipe. increase. Beef and Sweet Potato contains hearty pieces of beef and sweet potato, plus nutrient-dense liver and oats that Claude eats before he blinks. It’s made of vegetables and rich in antioxidants, protein, and fiber. She loves it because it’s made with the same ingredients she cooks for her family. Here is a picture of my cute puppy enjoying Ollie’s food. Also, here are some more pics for Claude Stan who always asks how is she doing!! Haha!

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