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Cargo pants and other military-inspired trends

From high fashion to thrift store chic, military items such as cargo pants are everywhere. Accessories benefit from similar inspiration. Do you have aviator sunglasses or something? People have been wearing cargo pants and army jackets as a political statement for decades. Camouflage prints are also returning to business. We certainly have a strict line – mine included. This military-inspired trend has always fascinated me. It’s a way of expressing power, intelligence and sophistication. It haunts me every time how what we wear affects how we feel and act. Pants. Hair badly stroked. Dressed to kill if you ask me. Check out the carousel below for more military-inspired pieces.

Multi-pocket pants and cargo

I mentioned in this post that parachute pants are on my radar and I got a white pair.Bonus points for well-known brands camouflage print. Cargo pants – I’ve been saying this for the longest time – are versatile, breathable and cool. I got a high-fashion makeover with a great shade. Check out the high-end and budget iterations in the carousel below.

combat boots

Whether you want to contrast rugged combat boots with something soft and feminine like a printed maxi dress, lean into the army theme with a structured jacket and tucked-in pants, or frame an outfit in between, now is the time. It’s time to go not at all. Autumn, we are ready for you.

From the top of your head to your toes

Bomber jackets, military coats, trenches and more. Military uniforms and fashion have a long history of interdependence. Take Burberry, for example. The famous trench became standard wear for British officers in 1914, attained iconic status in the classic Casablanca of 1942, and has been an unwavering presence ever since. The coat was just the missing piece for the ultimate head-to-toe military-inspired look. here!

Do you feel powerful wearing military-inspired gear?

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