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As you embark on your next adventure as a caravan owner, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to prolong the life of your new investment.plenty Away Resort Static Caravan For Saleit can be hard to know where to start.

So, to help you understand the responsibilities and what the site entails when buying your dream villa, take a whistle-stop tour of the basic maintenance your caravan needs.

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It may seem like common sense, but keeping your caravan clean inside and out is essential to its longevity.

Simply run a damp, warm cloth on the outside to prevent debris build-up.

windows and doors

Open the windows frequently throughout the year. A static caravan space can get a little stuffy over time, so maintaining air circulation is important. However, to keep your space safe, be sure to lock all windows and doors when you are away.

air circulation/vent

When it comes to air circulation, vents should always be checked to make sure they are clean and unobstructed.

The vents should be closed when the caravan is not in use. However, it’s okay to leave vents in walls and floors open as they help prevent moisture buildup.

remove fallen leaves

Did you know that fall leaves can actually do a lot of damage to your caravan roof? Remove these as often as possible to keep your roof in good condition.

High winds can also wear and damage roofs, so always check for gutters or anything else that might come loose.

white goods

Recreational vehicle interiorRefrigerator freezer doors should also be left open when the caravan is not in use to prevent mold growth. White goods should be cleaned regularly. washing machine and dishwasher filters Empty to prevent buildup.

Other tips include leaving the toilet cleaner in the water instead of rounding the edges of the toilet, which can cause stains, and lifting and cleaning the shower drain frequently. It is included.

Each of these will ensure your caravan keeps running smoothly from inside to outside.


It may seem like common sense to turn off the boiler when you are away from your caravan, but doing this Annual repair required.

gas and electric

Again, please turn off the gas and electricity when the caravan is not in use. Safety checks should be discussed with park operators, especially if you pay an annual fee.

Check your warranty

In any case, it’s always worth checking with the park operator and checking for warranties or insurance. There is a possibility. So if something goes wrong, be sure to report it and see what you’re covered for.

Taking care of your caravan is very important to getting the most out of your investment. Always pass by park managers to get all the help and information you need, check, clean and care for everything from roofs to floor vents.

Finally, sit back, relax and don’t forget to enjoy your stay for years to come. Or all the benefits you’ll come across if you choose to buy and rent.

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