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Cara Delevingne G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2022 Denim Campaign

Cara Delevingne G-Star Denim Campaign Fall 2022
Cara Delevingne stars in G-Star Raw Hardcore Denim’s Fall/Winter 2022 campaign.Photo: G-Star

In the Fall 2022 campaign G-Star Row hardcore denim, Cara Delevingne for a more casual look that exudes pure cool. The British-born model and actress steals the show by posing in a series of studio photos and a cityscape where she looks like a giant.

G-Star RAW Denim Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign

Cara Delevingne appears in an ad with the style name ‘The Stray’ wearing a straight cut and ultra-high-rise waist jeans. These jeans are designed to evoke the rebellious spirit of 1950’s Girl her gang.

Cara Delevingne G-Star Jean Jacket
Cara Delevingne, ready for close-ups, models a denim jacket from the G-Star Raw Autumn/Winter 2022 campaign.Photo: G-Star

A blonde model is shown in one photo, wearing a denim baseball cap and a zippered vest, getting ready for a close-up. Cara Delevingne is wearing jeans her jacket, gold earrings and two gold chains her bracelet in another photo. Complete the look with a gold chain her bracelet.

Cara Delevingne G-Star Raw jeans
Cara Delevingne disguised as a giant fronts the G-Star Raw Fall/Winter 2022 campaign.Photo: G-Star

Cara Delevingne takes hardcore denim to new heights with her latest G-Star RAW Fall/Winter 2022 campaign. British Fashion Her model and actress brings a playful and rebellious edge to her brand’s raw attitude.

G-Star Row

Cara Delevingne G-Star Raw Campaign
Cara Delevingne models a jean vest for her Fall/Winter 2022 G-Star Raw campaign.Photo: G-Star

In another setting, she is seen dominating the city skyline in a denim vest and jeans. I can do it.

G-Star RAW Fall 2022 Campaign
Cara Delevingne and Evan Leff pose for the G-Star Raw Hardcore Denim Fall/Winter 2022 campaign.Photo: G-Star

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