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No one needs to tell you to set your sights on a goal, Capricorn, but you may need a little encouragement this year. The Sun is in Libra and your ambitious tenth house is October 23 lasts until the day It’s time each year to actually hit those milestones before the holiday season begins. You’re not afraid of challenges, but you don’t appreciate obstacle courses, especially when your hard work and decisive efforts get thwarted.

This month, three of these planets (Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn) resume direct (advance) motion. Especially when Pluto corrects the course of your sign on October 8th, you will begin to feel more at ease.

Ready for a new crew or creative collaboration? On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, your eleventh house of group activities and networking. But headline news arrives on Oct. 25 when the new moon in Scorpio rises in the sky as a powerful solar eclipse. A sudden opportunity to join forces could arrive before the end of the month.

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On October 28th, lucky Jupiter leaves Aries and stays until December 20th, making its final journey into Pisces, the third house of communication and community. , sell your offerings and meet comrades. From October 30th to his January 12th, intense Mars goes retrograde in Gemini, and from October 30th she is in her sixth house healthy and organized until January 12th. You may become more susceptible.

High-end Halloween, anyone? With the Moon in Aquarius, in your luxury-loving Second His House, you’d prefer Godiva his chocolates and invite-only parties to a bowl full of a tiny Milky Way. Unleash your inner competition and use it as an excuse to network by participating in costume contests or registering for ticketed events! The Sun, social Mercury, and magnetic Venus are in your group activity zone. If so, you may find a devilishly good connection tonight.

Ambition time!Libra season ends October 23rd

Go for it, Capricorn! Until October 23rd, while the Sun moves through Libra and a structured and ambitious tenth house, your marching orders come directly from space. Turn lofty ideas into concrete goals.

Mercury retrograde ends October 2nd

Sweet relief! October 2nd Ends a Stressful Day Mercury retrograde It started on September 9th and disrupted technology, communications and travel plans. Until September 23rd, Mercury helped Libra and your career sector and threw a few wrenches into your professional plans. You are retrograde in your th house and have been tricked into saying exactly the wrong thing at your worst moments.

Mercury and your ninth house are both associated with travel, so if your vacation plans are delayed or you face obstacles around your launch, all will be clear now. The lingering shadow phase continues until October 16, like smoke left by a car. Practice patience and diplomacy now!

Pluto Retrograde Ends October 8th

Your call to greatness is amplified by the mighty Pluto of transformation, which awakens from a five-month retrograde in your sign on October 8th. If you’ve been hiding or dimming your lights since late April, Pluto’s course corrections will increase their intensity again.

Personal projects can speed up. Especially if you are blocked by some obstacles or resisting people who seem to hinder your efforts. Thinking of a style refresh or a big life change? It encourages you to do so and may reward you.

Home Sweet Home: Full Moon in Aries is October 9th

Need to pause for personal reasons? Midway through the month, take a timeout from your ambition to land on your home turf or savor a little self-care. On October 9th, the annual Full Moon in Aries shines through his fourth house, the foundation of home, family, and emotions.

If you’re considering a move or a change in your living arrangements, these moonbeams can expedite your plans. Powerful women may feature prominently at the event today or over the next two weeks. But be careful. This month opposes harmonious Venus, signaling potential conflicts and disagreements with loved ones.

Scorpio Season (October 23rd) and Scorpio Eclipse (October 25th)

The Sun shifts gears into Scorpio on October 23rd, bringing light into your 11th house of groups, teamwork, and technology. Get away from your desk and socialize. The next four weeks are a mandate from the stars. You can accomplish more when you focus on ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you do’.

Collaboration, or the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, is likely to create synergy on October 25th, when the year’s only Scorpio new moon descends into your eleventh house. even better? This is a powerful eclipse that can bring about powerful moments of change. You may be invited to join professional associations that further your goals. Or is politics, sparked by the midterm elections, calling your name?

Either way, this New Moon is here to expand your circle and bring dynamic new thinkers into orbit. It’s the perfect day to host parties and events. Especially great for hosting something that serves a purpose you care about. Festive and graceful Venus meets the eclipse precisely, allowing you to show off your perfect class and style. Sparks can also fly with friends, as romantic Venus can suddenly spark with someone you never thought of “just like that.”

October 23rd: Saturn goes direct to Aquarius

This October 23rd, we have even more good news. On that day, your ruler, structured Saturn, awakens from her four-and-a-half-month retrograde in Aquarius, making it her second house of work and money. Tough Taskmaster has been making good progress in this accounting zone since December 2020, auditing budgets and discipline. How can we make money work harder instead of working harder and harder for money? There is a possibility.

Inspector Saturn has revealed that there are cracks in the master plan, especially during the retrograde. You may lose clients or your revenue may decline. You may have eaten up resources with heavy spending, or worked hours because your plates were loaded so high. When Saturn exits Aquarius in March 2023, it could emerge onto solid, solvent-rich ground if lessons are learned.

Your running Saturn goal for this three-year period is to become leaner, meaner, and cash-positive by instilling smarter habits. WARNING: You have to pay a membership fee to get there. That means curbing your zodiac sign’s pursuit of immediate gratification and focusing on the long game. Structured Saturn is all about planning and prioritizing. You had to hustle and grind instead of relying on luck or charm. Laying bricks may seem “boring” instead of doing all the fun and sexy things. But if you don’t cover the basics, you’ll remain stagnant. Do something different and get different results!

Jupiter retrograde returns to Pisces on October 28th

What? On October 28th, outspoken Jupiter returns to your communication zone with Pisces, making its third and final visit since May 2021. If you have big ideas, inspiring messages, or pioneering projects, you have the mic until December 20th.

Since May 10th of this year, Jupiter has been in Aries and your domestic sector. Maybe you’ve moved, expanded your family, or want to spend more time at home. But those hikikomori days will pass in time for the holiday season. Get ready to be flooded with invitations. And (surprisingly) you will suddenly want to say “yes!”

October 30 Mars retrograde

Beware of stress! Driven Mars begins his 2-month retrograde on October 30th, sabotaging his sixth house of health, organization, and employees until January 13th. Managing all projects and responsibilities can be difficult. Working hard may be necessary, but you can’t do it at the expense of your health.

Take stock of your system and see where you can be more efficient. Struggling to capture everything you need? Test productivity apps like Asana, Slack, and Trello to stay organized. Still can’t catch up? You may need to scale back your plans or streamline your processes to get more done in less time. If you’re skipping meals or skimping on sleep, it’s a serious warning light. Nothing is worth sacrificing your health, Capricorn.

Pay attention to the little things and be careful not to get attached to the little things. People can be picky and critical right now, and your own micromanaging tendencies can flare up. Comparing yourself to others will not do you any good. Instead, focus on being your best self.

Monthly love horoscopes are posted on October 1st.

Libra Season brings a wave of motivation to your career each year, but if you haven’t reached your goals yet, don’t give up until you do! Connected to a surge of power generation, but as the patient signs know, good things are worth the wait (and work)!

When powerful Pluto ends its five-month retrograde in your sign on October 8th, it will be much easier to exercise your influence and reach out to those decision-makers. Don’t neglect keepers either! With wise and speedy Mars on a long journey through Gemini, the sixth home of kind people is Heat her zone. Be kind to employees at all levels. Not just because they walk you to the door.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th can bring exciting collaboration and networking opportunities. RSVP for this eclipse-related daily invitation. You’ll get to meet an important person (or group of people) who can play a surprisingly important role in the events that unfold over the next six months.

Love Days: 11, 16

Money Day: 23, 5

Lucky Day: 21, 2

Holidays: 14, 19, 27

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