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Camden’s Nine Months of Updates and Schedule

9 months, can you believe it! Wow, just wow. My little man is the absolute best and we love him so much. He holds a very special place in my heart. No matter where I am in my life, career, or parenthood, he makes everything better. The way his smile lights up a room, how much he loves me, and everything Harper does in the way he giggle. Well, he really is the most special little guy.

We spent a week at Black Butte in August. This was our first road trip as a family of four. It was a great family trip, but it was hard on Cam (and sometimes mom). He was very clingy and had a serious case of stranger danger. But I also sympathized with him – with so many new faces and living in unfamiliar places, I get it. was very tired. He also did not nap more than 40 minutes during the day. Thankfully he slept soundly every night so everyone got off to a good start each morning. He cried the moment I put him in his crib and fell asleep as soon as I put him down. I’m glad to know, but we’re sleeping in the same room for future travel plans (laughs). On some of the long drives, he couldn’t sleep and only cried from exhaustion. We finally had to pull over and I nursed him. This worked both times as he fell asleep when we hit the road again. Call me Human Pacifier! But Cam was the champion. I am very proud of him because it is not easy to accompany him on such a large family trip.

new in 9 months

The boy is sitting very well now. I haven’t crawled yet, but I’m on my knees and rocking back and forth. He wants to be mobile and you can see him getting frustrated in some situations. He’s so close I have to put his arms and legs together now (laughs). The shape of his head has changed so much. He used to have such a round head, but now he’s flattened out and looks like a really big boy. Sleeping on his tummy really helped with his flat head too. Cam and Harper have been playing really well lately and it’s great to watch. She makes him laugh so much. He is very loud now, babbling and sometimes screaming “da-da-da-da” out of excitement. He always wants to hold our hands and walk around. Hmm, you’re growing up fast.


This guy is inconsistent in his naps and just wants to grow his hair out from time to time. I think he found a way to get him to nap longer. Now he is on his 2nd nap. Morning naps are always short for him, 30-40 minutes, and afternoon naps are usually around 1.5 minutes. Now you can work, but the second nap may also be short. It’s not the end of the world because Cam is perfectly happy when he’s awake. It’s nice to be able to accomplish something. A short nap means a late bedtime, which isn’t the worst thing, but fellow moms get it.


We are officially gluttons! If you remember, I introduced Cam to solids and he was crying and vomiting. I thought something was wrong, but no, he wasn’t ready.I started by pureeing at home but realized my schedule wouldn’t allow me to give him all/variety he needed. Yumi And it was awesome! There is a lot of variety and there are many ingredients that I have never used before. There are definitely flavors he dislikes, but for the most part he loves them. , we started giving him soft little food. He is still working on his grip on the scissors, so we spoon feed or help him. We are feeding solids after feeding (more on this in the schedule below). And now he eats solids regularly so we have him doing his 4 nursing sessions a day instead of 5.

wake up time

Officially, the wake-up time during the day is 3 to 3.5 hours. This means more time to leave the house. Cam also got pampered by bringing her little sister home to play this summer. She just went back to school and I’m sure he will miss her in the morning. But the little man is playing a storm. He got all the good toys much earlier than Harper (laughs) (perks of having a big sister). We try to give him as much floor time as possible so that he is exhausted. Go for walks and fun outings with your family. He loves playing with bubbles and balls (just like his sister). I recently put him on the Doona Trike and he loves it.


Cam was awake longer between naps and bedtime, so he was more tired during his bedtime meal. He always sleeps really well so I liked what was going on. Nursing him in a larger room. This worked like a charm. At bedtime, he fell asleep quickly.

eczema update

Cam’s eczema is in great shape! He had a few seizures during his trip to Black Butte (I’m guessing from the hot weather), but otherwise he’s fine. I’m using.

9 month old favorite

toddler floor mats (Color: Clay) – I put a spare mat from upstairs in the playroom where Cam often crawls. Matt has been great because he has more mobility!

halo swaddle – This is the sleeping bag we migrated to. I like that it has sleeves and most resembles a Marlin (hoping for a smoother transition).

stokke step highchair – I used this highchair with Harper and continued to use it with Cam. we love it It’s beautiful, well made and holds up really well.

Nuna REVV car seat – I recently got this child seat and I love it. The ability to rotate the cam in and out of the car seat is a game changer!

Box Three Balls Montessori Toys with Tray – He loves this toy ball. They’re the perfect size for him to hold them, but not put them in his mouth.

9 months schedule

6:30am – Wake up and play in the crib
7:00 am – Grab him, change clothes/diaper, feed him
7:30am – Wake up, walk
8:30am – Solids
9:30 am – Day 1

10:30am – Wake up, breastfeed
11:00am – Play
12:30pm – Solids/Lunch
2:00 pm – Day 2

15:30 – Wake up, breastfeed
16:00 – Play
17:00 – Solids/dinner
19:00 – Nurse and bedtime

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