Camden 7-8 Month Updates and Schedule

I can’t believe Cam is 8 months old! Time goes by even faster for baby #2. Isn’t he just born!? I think the best part about it, I know this and I’m always soaking with him. When we breastfeed I really can I try to be there for as long as I can. We laugh and I give him a hundred kisses. Seeing those cheeks up close and smelling his neck is the best. We are discussing I think it’s a mixture of expecting to have another child and not knowing how they make us feel, but I really think cam is the best. laughing. He loves to play, is very observant and cute.

new in 8 months

At 7 months Cam started sleeping on his tummy! At first he struggled with being able to only flip over on his tummy and not being able to get back up, but now he’s comfortable on his tummy and actually prefers to sleep. ! This is such a game changer. He has more freedom and so do his parents (laughs). He spends a lot of time sitting and playing with his toys. His wake-up time is 3 hours for him, which makes our schedule better and more flexible. We can actually move out of the house (laughs). He’s also a really good age to be able to recover and rejuvenate without having to sleep long when we’re out and about. Well, he can reach out to you if you reach out to him, and he’s getting the two front lower teeth! He’s been drooling and whining and clinging a bit to his mom lately, but other than that, he was a happy boy with his teeth cut. Oh, and lots of hair! Little man’s hair is getting thicker by the day, yay!


During the seventh month, Camden either took a long nap or failed. But now I take short naps (1 hour) in the morning and long naps (2 hours) in the afternoon. Officially he has reduced his naps to two. After traveling to California in June, we were generally less stressed about naps because we were out and had to be flexible with his sleep. Now at eight months, it finally feels like life doesn’t revolve around naps. If we were out in the morning and he just took a short nap in the car, he would take an afternoon nap at home. If necessary, he can handle himself much better with less sleep.


I didn’t get off to the best start with Solids. After the last update we actually stopped trying and let it rest for a month or so. He was just uninterested and kept throwing up food and crying. We were supposed to go see a pediatrician, but we were in the process of seeing a new doctor, so we didn’t get a chance to go. Harper ate quickly and did BLW so this is all very new to me. We just started giving him some purees so let’s see how this goes. was that

Since we don’t do solids, I continued his nursing sessions to 5 instead of reducing them to 4. With plenty of time between feedings, you can go outside and do something and not feel trapped.

wake up time

8 months is such a fun age! Cam sits alone, but always has a pillow or his boppy nearby in case he falls or falls away from him. you can enjoy while He loves playing with his sister. Whatever she does entertains him. He cruises with a walker. Harper rides an indoor wooden bicycle and plays a chasing game while riding a walker. This is the cutest. We love to go for walks as a family. He is now getting used to the swings in the park. He’s pretty pissed off, but he hasn’t gotten up on his knees yet to start the crawling process, which is honestly a blessing.

I’m awake for 3-3 hours or more. I feel it’s such a milestone. You have so much time to do things.


We have the same bedtime routine as usual. Lately he’s been whining in his crib before going to bed, which is new. The man is still sleeping through the night.

He flipped his tummy sometime in his 7th month so he officially got a tummy sleeper. We can say that the shape of his head has changed dramatically in general.

eczema update

My Camden eczema has improved significantly. I think the worst has passed, but I really hope he gets out of it. We still use the formula prescribed by Derm (more on that here) but very sparingly for flare-ups. So I am very grateful to have control over this.

8 month old favorite

Joey Spoon Walker – This is Harper’s old walker. We love it with her and we love it with cam. It’s a great way to get him vertical without one of us holding him all the time. I’m hanging on to this at dinner. Having the toy propped up against the tray really helped his hand-eye coordination. He is officially interfering with this. The PT told us to set aside time just to stand still, so we spend doing that too.

toddler floor mats (Color: Clay) – I put a spare mat from upstairs in the playroom where Cam often crawls. Matt has been great because he has more mobility!

Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream – When Kam’s eczema was severely inflamed, he was also suffering from severe diaper rash. Like the worst I have ever seen. After doing some research, this diaper rash came highly recommended.It took about 5 days, but it cured my diaper rash. We have been using it ever since and he had the cleanest tongue!

halo swaddle – This is the sleeping bag we migrated to. I like that it has sleeves and most resembles a Marlin (hoping for a smoother transition).

boppy nursing pillow For sitting – I didn’t use it to feed Camden for the first few weeks after he was born, but I recently pulled it out to help with Camden’s sitting position. A perfectly shaped pillow that will help you.

Amazon Muslin Bib – Cam loves to drool, so cute bibs from H&M weren’t enough. I still use my favorite white muslin for nursing and at home, but I wanted to find something cuter in a neutral color. I found these and they are pretty substantial. I donated the color I didn’t like because it’s in the pack.

Ray to Z baseball cap – I love these little hats! You can get them with any letter or no letter. The cam has a baby size and fits perfectly.

Musitizer – This is Cam’s favorite pacifier at the moment.

8 months schedule

6:30am – Wake up and play in the crib
7:00 am – Grab him, change him, feed him
7:30am – Wake up, walk, play.
9:30 – Nap 1 (1 hour)

10:30am – Wake up, breastfeed
11:00 am – Play, Solid
13:15 – Nurse
1:30 PM – Nap 2 (2 hours)

15:30 – Wake up, breastfeed
16:00 – Wake up, play
6:30/7pm – Nurse goes to bed