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Buy Netflix Sex Education — Trendii

The hit Netflix show Sex Education just dropped its highly anticipated season 4. As such, we thought it was the perfect time to talk about the iconic and evolving looks of some of our favorite characters from the series. It’s a unique and different approach to so many shows in one place.

This week’s focus is the bold and smart Maeve Wiley. Maeve’s iconic looks reflect her dark past and her infamous reputation, with feminine touches that give a hint of the kind girl behind her sarcastic wit and morbid sense of humor. I’m here. To achieve the perfect Maeve Wiley look, you can’t go beyond black fishnets, black denim her mini, statement her coat, and decidedly dark colors. Team up by wearing her Combat-Her boots, speaking in the same Dark-Her tone, and layering her jewelry. Season 1 Maeve finishes with pink hair dye or spray.

Here are some of our favorite Maeve looks. Shop Maeve looks here and be sure to stay tuned for more of your sex education voyeurs in future posts!

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