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Today’s focus is style. It’s interior design, not fashion. I remember when I was an intern at J. Lindeberg. My favorite piece in the entire showroom was the beautiful Westminster sofa. Since then it has been my goal to one day own one.Fast forward to today he’s gorgeous Timothy Oulton Westminster Buck’dN Brok’n SofaAs you know I recently moved to the West Coast.This was the last piece to complete the furniture process.This is now a staple part of my office area. Yes, don’t worry. I have another blog post coming soon that will put the beauty of the entire apartment and this sofa in context. Timothy Oulton is traditionally the top source for anything along these lines, Buck’dN Brok’n sofa It has an air of modern and true character that easily catches everyone’s eye ever since they received the sofa. Full of scars, marks and scars in honor of living to the fullest.And the best part is that every time you sit comfortably, you absorb more life. Explore more brandsand I hope you all fall in love with them as much as I do! For now, check out the images below and comment your thoughts ?

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Westminster Button Buck’dN Brok’n Sofa by Timothy Oulton | | Discover here