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Brown Satin Flared Trousers With Crop Top

Happy Monday everyone! We shot some new content for you guys over the weekend, and this is one of his recent looks. The trend is fading away from skinny jeans and very tight clothes, instead everyone prefers his loose fit and wide leg silhouette. One trend I’ve noticed growing in popularity is wide-leg satin trousersI wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Classy, ‚Äč‚Äčelegant and statement style.

Fashion bloggers, celebrities, and editorials see satin wide-leg pants. They’re taking the fashion world by storm right now. He wears it with satin shirts, jackets and cropped tops. The street style trend is a great way to tone it down and wear it as a daytime piece, even with sneakers and trainers!

For my version of the wide-leg satin pants trend, I chose these gorgeous ones pretty extravagant satin trousers Rich and luxurious cocoa brown. These trousers are a little big, so I wore a smaller size and it’s perfect! The waist is elastic and very comfortable. There are other color variations such as olive green, and it is very gorgeous!I wanted the satin trousers to be the centerpiece of the outfit here, so I kept everything else fairly simple and chose this one ASOS Brown Hourglass Topto balance the wide legs.

i chose mine Topshop snake print boots (looks like here) It elevates the outfit and gives it a little more edge without taking away the classic elements I was aiming for.i call it my Valentino Lock Mini Bag Ivory (looks like here) I thought the cream was the perfect shade to balance out the rich brown hue of the satin pants and top, pairing the bag’s elegant design with the gold hardware.

But no outfit is complete without the jewelery to complete it, right? I wore a stunning gold piece from the gorgeous and affordable brand. D&X JewelryHave you heard about them? As you know I am very selective in my partnerships and here I have worked with them to showcase some of the beautiful pieces I have fallen in love with.

was wearing D&X vivienne circle pendant necklaceis a beautiful circle with CZ crystals around it. Keira Infinity Bracelet, which needs no explanation, but is simple and very elegant.i had them too kylie crystal hoop earringsagain, these are encrusted with CZ crystals and are the perfect size for my face. D&X Kylie Multi Row Chevron Ring, so delicate yet makes such a statement. I couldn’t have chosen a better piece of jewelery to complement the wide-leg satin pants in this outfit.

It’s September now, so I think this is the perfect way to start my fall outfit season. I can’t get enough of the rich browns, oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves, the crisp firewood in the air, and the fresh chill against my skin. I am looking forward to being born.What do you think trendy wide leg satin pants And do you like the way I wore it? Let me know in the comments! Lorna xx.

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