Breaking Stereotypes with Ross Butler — Men’s Fashion Post

Ross Butler may be known for painting teenagers, but a conversation with him reveals himself to be a far more sophisticated, smart and graceful artist than his characters. Again, Ross thinks teenagers should be given a little more credit. With Reggie on The CW’s “Riverdale,” he recently came to appreciate the complexity and maturity of teenage years. As a bonus, he thinks playing with a lot of high schoolers keeps him young.

Ross has loved acting ever since a friend bought him an acting class for his 21st birthday. Growing up Asian-American, Ross says he struggled to figure out who he was. These days, he’s thrilled that American audiences (especially his teens in America) have embraced him with open arms. He decided a long time ago that he wanted to play more than a typical Asian role, and through a combination of luck, skill and a changing social climate he was able to do just that.

Instagram superstar Ross loves sharing his life and creativity with the world. His feed is filled with inspirational messages along with pictures of himself playing music, riding motorcycles, cuddling with his dog, movie promotions and set photos. He wants to inspire his followers to pursue their own creativity and find their uniqueness. Ross’ ultimate goal is simple, not just for himself, but for everyone in the world. It’s happy

We were excited to talk with Ross about his life, career, and what makes him happy.