Body Illusion Trends: Are There Naked?

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The trompe l’oeil trend (French for visual illusion in art) was spotted at next year’s Paris Fashion Week, but Instagrammers Collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and Lotta VolkovaAlong with other trends such as sheer outfits, 2000s midriffs and the rise of the mini hem, we’re certainly obsessed with our bodies in 2022. Apparently so.please remember Zendaya Molded Bustier worn? Other than bare face value being “clickbait” or “shocking”, is there an underlying shift in the zeitgeist? Now women are experimenting with “taboo” and trying to own a naked body. In other words, women are reclaiming their nudity and body shape and doing whatever they want.

Digitization and “The Gaze”

The emergence of this trend is nothing new! iD magazine It does a good job of talking about the actual history behind the nude dress, which dates back to the 90s. ruins it by being a body printout of clothing.Besides, it is also debatable whether even the print is a true representation of the real thing. Y/projectt (who debuted the look at AW22’s Paris Fashion Week) wanted to give the wearer a sense of power.

By “showing” your body and becoming an active chooser, anyone watching you actually loses power. Digitalization and social media, as many have noted, are unique to this generation, alongside recent political shifts around women’s physical autonomy. I will never forget the fact that the designer chose to digitally print the naked body onto the dress. What do you think? Does pixelization change the meaning of the body? If so, every body posted on social media also changes its meaning.


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