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Experience the stunning scenery of the Helsinki Archipelago on an unforgettable boat ride with Helsinki Boats!

About 3 weeks ago, I fulfilled one small dream! As some of you know, I have lived in Finland for over 12 years and have spent all this time discovering the Helsinki archipelago on a private boat. I was thinking. The mini boat to and from Suomenlinna does not count. ?

Thank you Marco for being the best skipper and host Helsinki boat, I made my dream come true and brought my daughter and brother. yes, Helsinki boat The rides are like no other. Completely private and customized to your preferred ride, you can bring up to 3 people. You can own the entire boat yourself or share it with others. From just 20 euros per person.

We would love to tell you more about our experience. Marco picked us up on his boat at Tervasaari, a small island in the Kurununhaka district of Helsinki. We jumped in and took off. We went for an early morning ride and were the first to ride with Marco that day so the first stop was a mandatory refuel.

Witnessing the beautiful views of Kalasatama and Mustik Kamaa, we discovered a secret outdoor sauna at the most convenient location on a rock, ready to jump out of the sauna into the sea.

Then we found Hon Caluot Island, which is so small that no one lives there, but there are houses, saunas and gardens that you can rent for the whole day. Next, we headed to Herttoniemi, which is a beach area and I was impressed by the many beautiful houses and villas. I saw a tiki bar! Yes, there was a tiki bar in the middle of the Helsinki Archipelago. Then I thought I must be somewhere else. This cannot be Helsinki. ?

We sped up a bit towards the Itis and Vuosaari areas, with their amazing views and all sorts of secret spots.My jaw dropped every five minutes and I fell completely in love with Helsinki all over again.

From there we turned back and started driving towards Suomenlinna, passing through Uunisaari as smoothly as Yatkasaari, to Hietalahti and the restaurant Hampton Bay.

During our ride with Marco we talked a lot and found him to be a very cool and relaxed guy.You can’t help but love him at first sight. ? We had lunch with Marco It was a pleasure to be with you and talk a little more about life in general and the pros and cons of living in Helsinki, a source of endless conversation.

Marco was very kind and offered us a short ride to Matlaturi where we got off the boat and wished him luck on the next ride where he was in line right after us.

I felt safe, comfortable and incredibly happy during the boat ride! This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life in Finland and his Italian style We wholeheartedly recommend you try the boat and discover the jewels of the Helsinki archipelago.

*This post was written in collaboration with Helsinki Boats and all opinions are my own.

*Photos and text are mine.

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