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Black Button-Up Smart Shirt & Beige Chinos Outfit

Black long-sleeve shirt and beige chinos outfit

Today I went for a smarter outfit with a slightly contrasting color.

This is my black button-up smart shirt with beige chinos and brown brogue outfit..

When it comes to shirts, black is my favorite color. I have a lot of black shirts, actually too many. Two or three black shirts are enough, but I think I have four or five at the purchase stage.

This is a slim-fit button-up shirt that Mango gave me. I love this shirt because it fits. It fits very well.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. A little bit of elastane gives the shirt a bit of stretch, making it a very comfortable fit.

As mentioned, I have purchased many black shirts, and this one has its upsides.

Black is a color that looks worn and faded over time. The great thing about having an abundance of black shirts is that they can be worn in rotation, so they can be worn longer and longer.

A black shirt is always a good starting point when looking for outfit ideas.There are many black shirt outfits I’ve worn, including an all black look.

For this season and today, I decided to go for something lighter and wore beige chinos with my shirt.

Outfit of beige chinos and brown brogues

Chino or jeans? I wanted something contrasty and light, and these chinos worked well.

5 pocket chino pants. This is also my favorite slim fit. mangoUnfortunately, they are very difficult to find. Because I want to get more.

As for shoes, I chose mine because I wanted to be a little smarter than trainers. Kurt Geiger’s Brown Brogue.

I have had these shoes for years and they have served me well.I love the details on these and the colors are nice.

The build quality of these shoes is also very good. I’ve worn these quite a bit in all sorts of weather and they have stood the test of time pretty well.

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