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Fashion week street style is just as interesting as the latest runway looks. There’s so much creativity, playful interpretations of trends, designer looks, and personal talent that you’ll see at every venue that week, which is the main pre-show or It’s like supporting his act. It also gives me great inspiration on how to interpret runway trends for everyday wear.

We met talented street style photographer Aria on the runway on the opening night of Melbourne Fashion Week. She stopped me to take a picture of my hair clip featuring the names of cities that host major fashion weeks around the world. After attending nearly every runway show and seeing street style highlights, I reached out to her and was able to feature her work and her eye for fashion. These are my favorite photos of her, and the standout look of the week.

You can see more of her work on Instagram @aria

Color suit!

A colorful suit is a fashion week must-have. With a wide variety of cuts and colors, from pale blue to bright red and fluorescent green, you can find the one that suits everyone.

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