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A good suit is like wearing armor. You can wear a suit and challenge the world. Suits are perfect for work, graduation, job interviews, and formal events such as formal dinners and weddings. Rici Melion redefines a traditional concept. Pakistani two-piece and three-piece suits By adding contemporary and modern elements and designs to the overall look.

We believe in handpicking the best designs and using the highest quality materials to provide our customers with the best men’s suits in Pakistan. Whether it’s a two piece pant coat suit or a three piece suit, Rici Melion ensures that it is tailored to the perfect fit for its patrons. A variety of ready-made suits and no-sew fabric options are available, allowing customers to create the suit they desire.

Find the perfect match for your suit blazer

Before buying a suit, it’s very important to understand how different color combinations and contrasts work, how to get the best silhouette and suit fit.Rici Melion trained Competent stylists are always available to help and guide patrons in making the right choice in selecting the finest fabrics, and are able to provide precise fittings based on the occasion and the patron’s specific requirements. and tailoring options.

Two-piece suit for all occasions

The most popular suits chosen are 2 piece pants coat suitBlazers can be in a single solid color, a simple pattern or a bold and colorful design and can be paired with similar or contrasting trousers. offers a wide variety of colors and materials that are perfect for both men’s and women’s suits. Commonly available blazer cuts are slim fit and regular fit. Rici Melion also offers a signature Italian cut unlike anything else available on the market.

The regular fit is widely popular for its slightly looser fit, which is looser around the chest, arms and waist. A comfortable fit tailored to your individual body shape and size. In contrast, the slim fit has a narrower fit and a more contoured look than his regular fit suit. Great for patrons who want to enhance their look and give it a more modern look. With a collection of ready-to-wear, bespoke and no-stitch options, patrons have a wide range of options to create the perfect suit.

The Two-Piece Pant Coat Rici Melion Suit is ideal for any formal event, but can also be worn on a day-to-day basis, giving the wearer a classy and breezy look, ensuring you look and feel your best at all times.

The perfect 3 piece suit

a 3 piece suit Perfect for adding a touch of formality to your outfit. Unlike the two-piece suit, which is just a blazer and trousers, the three-piece suit also has a waistcoat. Rici Melion offers a variety of waistcoats his style, including single or double breasted, V or U shape, W bottom and adjustable back buckle. From the seams of the jacket to the buttonholes, the suits are meticulously finished, demonstrating exquisite quality and finesse.

How to style a three-piece suit with Lisi Merion

Rici Melion is the global standard when it comes to wedding attire, specializing in Pakistani and international groomswear. The 3-piece suit is ideal for a groom to wear at a wedding, curated and tailored to suit the groom’s needs, and cut to form her fitting and color choices. She can create similar or contrasting works. For example, accentuate a dark blue blazer and pants with a light gray waistcoat, or pair it with solid colors such as gray and black.

The formal nature of the three-piece suit calls for tightly fitted shoulders, so the shoulders of the blazer should end at the end of the patron’s shoulders with a fitted arm that is not too tight. , Embellishments such as lapel pins and special cufflinks for men are added to the suit to give it a more sophisticated and crisp look.

Prince Court’s traditional touch

Among Pakistani suit brands, Rici Melion is an established name in western and oriental wear for men and women.To cater to the international market and to imbue tradition with a modern twist, a variety Prince Coat & Prince SuitThere are plenty of high-end solid colors, elegant designs, and designs with decorations. Using a variety of fabrics, including jute, silk, linen, and velvet, patrons can wear Rich his Merrion suits all year round.

Pakistani Suit Brands Pakistani Prince Suits and Prince Coats

As the name suggests, prince coats and prince suits exude luxury and elegance and are a popular choice for grooms to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Optimal. The Prince suit consists of an elegant Prince coat and trousers two piece suit. A prince coat is usually paired with a simple shalwar kameez suit. A popular combination is a black prince coat and a shalwar kameez.


The versatility of a good suit is unmatched. Ideal formal wear for women as well as men, Rici Melion understands the art of suiting. Patrons can choose from a wide variety of styles, cuts, designs and fabric options. Whether it’s dressing up with her coat or her 3-piece suit, or matching a casual coat with shalwar her kameez, our goal is for our patrons to look and feel their best. Make sure you can feel the ring.

We focus on meeting your needs and helping you choose a suit. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or need a suit for your wedding day, find the perfect fit at Rici Melion.

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