best bedroom makeup vanity ideas

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13 Best Makeup Vanity Ideas Headers

Do you have a lot of cosmetics and no place to put them? Or do you want a calm space where you can get dressed every day?

If so, you should consider getting makeup vanity for your bedroom. A dressing table (and the wall-mounted option discussed below) is a great way to store all your cosmetics and have an attractive spot.

An added bonus of a dressing table is that it looks super cute as a bedroom decor.

Here’s everything you need to know to set up a cute and functional vanity space in your bedroom.

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Things to consider when buying a bedroom vanity:

If you are interested in installing a dressing table in your room, there are a few things to consider.

  • First, we need to evaluate Where in the bedroom can you put a dressing table and how much space do you really have?Always measure your space before buying furniture. It’s important to have enough space to sit comfortably and apply your makeup. Consider enough space for your chair when measuring.
  • A big part of choosing vanity is decide what shape you wantVanity mirrors come in many shapes, so you might find one you like. We share different options below.
  • Also, you’ve probably seen vanity with lightsThis is an option to consider depending on the brightness of your space. Some vanities come with lights and some don’t, so check to see if your vanity needs lighting before you buy.
  • Finally, consider: vanity style you wantThis is a new dressing table that will accent your room, so it is a must-have item that matches the style of your room. For example, do you want a simpler vanity or a bohemian chic style vanity? These are all questions to consider.

To help you find the perfect vanity to add to your bedroom, this post will show you best bedroom vanity ideas let’s start.

bedroom vanity ideas to try

Folding makeup small space vanity

PB Teen Small Space Makeup Vanity White

Let’s start with a very popular classic type of vanity that you’ve probably seen before.that is folding mirror vanity.

This is a great option for those of us who don’t want to miss anything when applying makeup. confirm.

And an added bonus of this small space-approved makeup vanity is that it comes with storage. There is space.

midcentury vanity desk

midcentury makeup vanity

If your room gives you more eclectic or bohemian styleI definitely recommend going for this mid-century vanity!

This vanity desk is a cool mid-century vanity in a beautiful cream color that is different from the usual white.

Again, this vanity takes a toll on your storage space. It features a whopping 5 drawers so you can stay super organized and keep your dressing table pretty much clean.

touch screen vanity

touch screen makeup vanity

touch screen mirror Incredibly popular due to vanity. You can control the lighting of the mirror using the touch screen feature, so you can get the mirror just the way you want it.

If this sounds cool, we recommend this touchscreen mirror available on Amazon. It can be added to any vanity table, so it works with most setups.

I also like that the lights are installed inside the mirror. It’s also a cool alternative to traditional light bulbs on the outside of the mirror. This will give your vanity a more modern look.

classic gold vanity desk

classic gold vanity

if you want A timeless and beautiful dressing tableyou should go to this golden vanity desk.

This vanity desk is recommended because it has excellent storage capacity! It has both a drawer and an included mini organizer set to keep the products you use every day on your vanity.

wall hanging vanity

Amazon wall mounted vanity.

Even if your room space is very limited, you can set up your vanity space. wall mounted dressing table A great option if you are short on floor space but need a dressing table.

If you’ve never seen a wall-mounted dressing table, it looks like this. They usually come with some drawers and a mirror to complete the dressing table.

An added bonus is that it saves you the time and effort of having to put together a complete vanity.

Ready beauty station

Get ready for PBTeen's White and Gold Beauty Station

Here’s an alternative wall-mounted vanity you can Use with mirrors you already ownLike the other wall mounted vanities above, this one is small and doesn’t take up any floor space.

I especially like this bedroom vanity idea. Because this vanity can hold your hot tools (blow dryer, flat iron) or your tech gadgets (phone, tablet) while you get ready!

This sophisticated vanity also includes plenty of storage space. it’s perfect.

big mirror vanity

Amazon's modern vanity

if you want Classic dressing table with large mirror and bright lightingI recommend adding this to your room!

This vanity is quite large, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough space in your bedroom. !

Also, this vanity comes with a large mirror and lots of lights. All your friends will want to come to your room and get ready!

mini vanity desk

Amazon mini vanity desk.

If your room has enough space for a small dressing table, we recommend purchasing one. This mid-century mini vanity.

This mini vanity desk basically has all the features you would want in a regular size vanity, including a mirror and storage.

However, this vanity mirror desk is more compact, so if you only have part of the room available, don’t worry because you can still fit this vanity.

As a bonus, this unit has a folding mirror so you can use the table as a desk when you’re ready.

elegant vanity desk

Elegant dressing table from Amazon.

in your room Preppy and elegant atmosphere Then this rose sculpture vanity is for you! It’s very girly and traditionally feminine.

This vanity is absolutely gorgeous. It’s white and has an oval mirror that works perfectly for your room’s classy look.

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modern vanity

Amazon's modern vanity

If the furniture in your room is more modern, you’ll also need a modern dressing table.If that’s your vibe, I love this one modern style vanity from Amazon.

This vanity is more modern and different from most vanities due to the way it is designed. Plus, it comes with its own matching seat to save you the hassle of looking for another chair.

corner vanity desk

Amazon corner vanity desk.

If you have a vanity in the corner of your room, here is one of my favorite bedroom vanity ideas that will fit your space perfectly.

this vanity in the corner If you’re looking for something to add to the empty space in your room, or if you’re looking for something easy to match with your other furniture, it will do the trick.

Just because this vanity is meant to be in the corner of a room doesn’t mean it doesn’t have storage. This has tons. You can store everything you need on the vanity with drawers.

vanity desk shelf

Dressing table with shelves from Amazon.

Most dressing tables have drawers so you can store your cosmetics and other items you want to store on your dressing table.

However, if necessary extra storage space Or if you want to display your decorations and items, this vanity with shelves is perfect.

This vanity not only provides drawers for storage, but also gives the space additional decoration.

round vanity mirror

Amazon round vanity mirror.

If you don’t like other rectangular or oval mirror options, A round mirror on this dresser.

This is a cute alternative to other mirror shape options for your vanity. Plus, it comes with a touchscreen mirror and vanity stool so you have everything you need in one set.

What do you think of these bedroom vanity ideas?

Which is your favorite from this list? How often do you use your vanity?