Beach maternity shoot at sunset in Malibu

Sydne Style shares Sunset Beach maternity shot with pregnancy announcement photo

When I was thinking about how to announce my pregnancy, I wanted to do a maternity shoot on the beach at sunset. And my baby will probably be a Pisces too. So water makes sense. Besides, the beach is my happy place! And what could be more beautiful than watching the sun go down over the ocean?My photographer Moon and I decided to do a few different looks.The sunset shot was taken by Christie in her Turlington , especially inspired by her Calvin her Klein. eternal commercial.

Sydne Style shares beach maternity shots in Malibu wearing a l'agence slip dress at sunset

Growing up in the 90’s, I’ve always been a huge Christie fan.So I tried to emulate her understated elegance silk slip dress and simple bread. This isn’t the first time I’ve been inspired by a supermodel for a photoshoot.Founded by Christie all mothers matteris a great charity that supports safe pregnancies and childbirth for women around the world. She’s even more of a role model to me than when I was in awe of her as a child, especially now that I’m her mother too.

I hope you like the way the photo turned out. I can’t wait to share the other outfits I shot for my pregnancy announcement…and gender reveal! Click here to see all posts from my pregnancy journey.This magic Thank you for coming with me on the ride!

Sydne Style shares dreamy sunset maternity photoshoot ideas in silk slip dresses
Sydne Style shows 90s minimalist pregnancy photoshoot ideas
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