Avant-garde designer to watch

Avant-garde designers have always been the rebellious siblings of the fashion industry. Maintaining the status quo, conventional tailoring and defying the usual themes, their creative minds have played a major role in the evolution of fashion. started with constructivism Rei Kawakubo When Yohji Yamamotowhich later became a great inspiration for Martin Margiela When Ann DemeulemeesterExploring Taboo Themes from . alexander mcqueen His time was exceeded. Moreover, there are many others that hold an integral part of what fashion looks like today. Create from social constraints. Below, we’ve listed the top 3 avant-garde designers on the rise these days!!


After being appointed Creative Director of Y/Project, Belgian-born Glen Martens elevates the game with his experimental proportions and witty interpretations of historical references. The core of this brand (and what I am drawn to) is that the clothing is gender neutral. In an interview, Glenn Martens said that he doesn’t look at gender, but designs with the intention of creating cuts that look good on everyone. I mentioned Y/Project when I talked about the Mashie/Naked trend. If you like sexuality, risqué elements, and playful items, please try the following items.

Rick Owens

dark. Moody. post apocalyptic. kiss boots. – Rick Owens might be the first word that comes to mind. Combining Rick Owens’ brutal design with modern charm, the design has been dubbed “The Lord of Darkness” by devoted fans.Although in a recent show (his SS23 show with fireballs), Owens’ popularity skyrocketed. The brand has actually existed since his 1994. I draw on my experience designing in the glamorous and dirty scenes of the underground. Owens brought in highly technical constructions for a more couture-like feel, and on Instagram, the fashion blogger expresses a more gothic side with his Rick Owens creations.Them “kiss boots” It has become a cult favorite. Ready to tap into the futuristic dark side?


Founded by Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, the Berlin-based label Ottolinger’s work centers on construction and deconstruction. In fact, their design process is disruptive to create couture-level craftsmanship. Skirts are shredded, cargo his pants are burnt, and everything is chaotic yet under control. What I love most about Ottlinger is that not only does the design have a “cool” element to it, but the anarchy is captivating, even sexy.Tap your more rebellious side with Ottlinger’s cut-out top and Favorite boxy blazer or match loose jeans.