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Amazon Sundays – Julia Berolzheimer

Costume details:

amazon dress

Welcome to this week’s Amazon Sundays. We will deliver the latest information on Amazon fashion.This week’s finds celebrate the arrival of harvest season in this silky blouse, this dress These suedes in three autumn shades sneakers, more. See below for the full list of this week’s favorites and visit the JB Amazon shop. Amazon storefront For more great discoveries!

Belted wrap detail makes this versatile blazer An updated, modern silhouette that can be dressed up or down.

hair, neck, or handbagwith this printed silk scarf.

Twill trench coat perfect for layering sweater. Pairing sneakers, denim and cute handbag It creates an effortless and chic daily look for autumn.

sweater, jeans & bag

Jacket, sweater & jeans

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