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All Nike 2022 World Cup Football Kits Released (Home & Away Shirts)

Whenever a football kit is unveiled, you know the World Cup is just around the corner. Earlier this week, Nike released all his home and away kits for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Kits from Brazil, Portugal, France, Holland, England and others have been announced, some better than others.

See all the home and away kits you’ll see at this year’s World Cup from Nike and the national soccer teams.

England Home & Away Kit

There was controversy over the release of the England shirts as the home and away shirts were leaked by various retailers and outlets before the official England FA announced them.

The Home England shirt featured a blue gradient color on the sleeves and was a hit-and-miss design among fans.

The aways are collared red and, interestingly, carry light blue Nike and England crest badges respectively.

brazil home shirt

Brazil Home 2022 World Cup Shirt

The Brazilian home shirt is yellow with a matching pattern on the inside of the shirt and a badge with the word Brazil on the front. It has green and blue trim, and the yellow looks brighter and paler than the previous shirt.

brazil away

Brazil Away 2022 World Cup Shirt

Brazil’s away shirt appears to be a pale mid-blue color with a faded green animal print on the sleeves.

portugal home

Portugal Home 2022 World Cup Shirt

Portugal opted for red and green shirts with a little twist. There is a green quarter-style section at the bottom for most of the red shirt.

There are pros and cons to this one, but I think I like it because it actually shows something a little different.

Portugal away

Portugal Away 2022 World Cup Shirt

For the away kit, the Portuguese shirt looks white with the green and red of the Portuguese flag striped down the middle of the shirt. There is a possibility.

dutch home

Holland home shirt for the 2022 World Cup

Holland or Holland is synonymous with orange kits, but this one just didn’t work out.

It may look different on the pitch, but I don’t like this kit at all.

holland away

2022 World Cup Netherlands Away Shirt

Blue away shirts are nothing new for the Dutch and this is the away kit they will wear in Qatar 2022.

france home

2022 World Cup France Home Shirt

The French home shirt for 2022 is very simple and to the point. Plain navy blue with a gold patch on the front and a one-button collar. This one is pretty smart and bears little resemblance to a football shirt.

France away

2022 World Cup France Away Jersey

France again opts for the traditional away shirt color of white. It has a tonal pattern all over and is supported by a blue badge.

Nigeria home

2022 World Cup Nigeria Home Jersey

Crazy pattern kits have been designed for Nigeria at this World Cup as well, will they be as popular as they were in 2018? Impressive and not to be missed.

Nigeria Away

2022 World Cup Nigeria Away Jersey

Nigeria has simplified the away kit a bit, but still has some repeating patterns on the sleeves. The shirt is mostly white with black pattern on the sleeves and green edging.

turkey home

2022 world cup turkey home shirt

The red of the Turkish strip is classic, but there is also a matching geometric print in this. I think it really makes the shirt stand out and looks really nice. I am making a shirt.

Turkey Away

2022 World Cup Turkey Away Shirt

White and red are the traditional Turkish away colors and we’ll see that in 2022. A plain white shirt with a red horizontal stripe in the middle with red bands around the sleeves and collar.

poland home

2022 World Cup Poland Home Jersey

The Poland Home Shirt features a classic white background with a red crest and Nike Swoosh on the front. White and gray patterned sleeves that look great on a clean white shirt.

poland away

2022 World Cup Poland Away Jersey

Another team that sticks to the away color classic, the Poland away shirt is red with white detailing on the sleeves and neckline.

croatia home

Croatia 2022 World Cup Home Shirt

Croatia sees check patterns all the time, but usually with a twist in design, and 2022 is no exception. This year’s plaid pattern is a little random, but I think it looks pretty good.

croatia away

2022 World Cup Croatia Away Jersey

Croatia’s away shirt has a dark blue top with a light blue checked geometric fade style on the top left quarter of the shirt and on the left sleeve. Very distinctive and one of the coolest kits Nike has made this year.

saudi arabia home

Saudi Arabia's home shirt for the 2022 World Cup

Saudi Arabia’s home shirt is white with a matching color pattern inside the shirt. From the images, the rib details on the collar and the Nike Swoosh appear to be a different green than the KSA badge, which makes the design look odd.

saudi arabia away

2022 World Cup Saudi Arabia Away Jersey

The patterned two-color green shirt is Saudi Arabia’s take on the away shirt.

qatar home

Qatar home shirt for the 2022 World Cup

Qatar will make its debut at the 2022 World Cup and will wear a dark red home shirt with triangular detailing on the sleeves that resembles the national flag.

qatar away

2022 World Cup Qatar Away Jersey

Qatar’s away shirt features an off-white with a matching pattern on the shirt. The badge and Nike logo are dark red.

australia home

2022 world cup australia home shirt

Australia’s home color is this bright yellow, and shirts with patterns on them really stand out. It has light green trim to finish the shirt.

australia away

2022 World Cup Australia Away Shirt

Australia’s away shirt sticks to the same template pattern as the Netherlands, with updated colors. A dark navy shirt with mint green taping on the collar and sleeves.

american home

USA 2022 World Cup Home Shirt

Following the Australian and Dutch templates, the USA home shirt is the same. This time, the American coat of arms is centered, with red and blue collars supporting the white shirt. Interestingly, this one appears to have no Nike logo on the front and a Swoosh on the sleeve.

USA away

2022 World Cup USA Away Shirt

USA’s away shirt has a black and blue tie-dye pattern. Again, there is no Nike branding on the front and Swoosh on the sleeves.

new zealand home

2022 World Cup New Zealand Home Shirt

The all-white New Zealand has a clean white home shirt with black trim on the sleeves and collar.

new zealand away

2022 World Cup New Zealand Away Jersey

A perfect match for the all-white home, the New Zealand away kit is traditionally black. A simple yet clean shirt.


All Nike home and away shirts for the 2022 World Cup are now complete.

It won’t be long before the kit is ready for action. Which do you like and which do you dislike?

All images credit: Nike

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