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All Adidas World Cup 2022 Football Kits Released

Adidas has released a full line of football shirts for the nations competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this November.

The kit release will be at an unusual time, coinciding with the timing of the unusual winter World Cup for the first time ever.

The adidas supply team includes Spain, Argentina, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Mexico.

Here are the home and away shirts worn by the teams at the World Cup:

All adidas shirts this year feature the adidas Sportswear logo on the front of the shirt without the adidas wording. This is a new move by Adidas this year in branding its football and lifestyle clothing with its performance logo.

spain home shirt

2022 World Cup Spain Home Shirt

The Spanish home shirt is traditional red with a yellow badge. It has navy blue trim and the collar line has stripes in the colors of the national flag.

spain away shirt

2022 World Cup Spain Away Jersey

Spain use light blue in their away shirt color palette. It has an Art Deco pattern on the front. The badge is centrally located on the away shirt with red and yellow stripes on the sleeves.

Find out more about the Spain Home and Away World Cup 2022 shirt here.

german home shirt

2022 World Cup Germany Home Shirt

The German home shirt features a bold black stripe running straight down the center of the shirt, not the traditional solid white.

I love this design with the gold logo in the center and the gold, red and black stripes on the collar and sides.

germany away shirt

2022 World Cup Germany Away Jersey

Germany’s away shirt is a dark red and black shirt with a cool line design pattern. Gold badge at front and gold 3-Stripes at shirt sleeve.

argentina home shirt

2022 World Cup Argentina Home Jersey

The Argentinian Home Shirt sticks to the classic and does it well. Light blue and white stripes are the design of the shirt and finished with black trim. It looks clean and sleek and is really well made.

argentina away shirt

2022 World Cup Argentina Away Jersey

I love Argentina’s away shirt. It is a purple design with a flame-like pattern rising from the gradation base.

mexican home shirt

2022 World Cup Mexico Home Shirt

Mexico sticks to the traditional green of the home shirt, but a nice line pattern on the front provides contrast. The shirt has red detailing on the sides and stripes on his three sleeves.

mexico away shirt

2022 World Cup Mexico Away Shirt

Adidas presents the craziest soccer shirt of the 2022 World Cup to Mexico’s away shirt. This incredible pattern is based on the serpentine body of the mythical Quetzalcoatl and is finished with a red graphic based on an off-white shirt.

Japan home shirt

2022 World Cup Japan home kit

The Japanese home shirt is blue with a distinctive pattern on the front of the shirt.The geometric style is white and inspired by crows.

japan away shirt

2022 World Cup Japan Away Uniform

Most Japanese away shirts feature a clean cut white design with colorful detailing on the sleeves. The gradation-like color scheme of red and blue mixes beautifully, and the whole is beautifully organized.

belgium home shirt

2022 World Cup Belgium Home Shirt

The Belgian home shirt is mostly bright red in color with black trim taking up most of the sleeves and sides of the shirt. The sleeves have a fire-like pattern from the bottom and are cool.

belgium away shirt

2022 World Cup Belgium Away Jersey

The Belgium away shirt looks clean but also features a subtle pattern design. The clean white shirt looks crisp and white, but both the Belgian coat of arms and the Adidas badge stand out in gradient color. The same colorful pattern is also applied to the sleeve tips, giving it a casual and unique look.

And here is the adidas football shirt for the 2022 World Cup. You can also check out the Nike 2022 World Cup shirt here. Which shirt do you think is the best?

Nike still has a few teams to showcase their designs, but if they can get further, they could keep big boys from Germany, Spain and Argentina on screen longer.

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