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After School Snack Board Ideas // Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Allergy Friendly
Now that school has resumed, we are preparing an after-school snack every day! the good news is walmart online grocery service I’m not pretentious.

We prepared this trendy and easy snack board using items delivered to your doorstep, such as cutting boards, cookie cutters, and dip bowls. It only took me a few minutes to place my order.

I especially love that there are lots of dairy free/allergy friendly foods and specialties. walmart (my daughter has food allergies); you can easily search for brands she likes or check the labels. Easy to operate from your mobile phone or computer. very.

After School Snack Board Ideas // Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Allergy Friendly

Here’s what the snack board contains:

+ skinny pop popcorn
+ market hummus
+ fresh strawberry
+ fresh cherry
+ fresh cucumber
+ Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese (cut into fun shapes with a cookie cutter!)
+ Enjoy Life Snickerdoodle Cookie
+ very tasty coconut yoghurt
+ Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (sprinkle over yogurt)

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