Adidas Originals – GRACE MERCEDES

Photographer Azusa Takano

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always been a big fan adidas originalsthat’s why I was so excited to receive these new ones supercourt sneakers! Add a modern taste to the vintage feel, making it perfect for both active and elegant outfits.i’m addicted to this too adidas allover print set And I want to wear it every day.There’s nothing I love more than being comfortable When stylish!

NYC will always be my home, no matter how long I’ve lived in Los Angeles. And Adidas reminds me of that home. When I was a kid, I remember everyone in Brooklyn rocking Stan Smiths and Adidas Originals. New York and Adidas go hand in hand. Urban, classic and cool. Three adjectives that perfectly describe both the brand and the city. So for me Adidas is the home of classics and New York is the home of Adidas.

thanks to Adidas About affiliation in this post.

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