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Adam Levine and Armie Hammer’s viral DM mocked ‘SNL’s ‘Send Ordinary Things’ sketch

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Saturday Night Live --

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Adam Levine‘bad’ Instagram DMs are sent to OnlyFans models sumner straw front and center saturday night liveseason openerMikey Day played the Maroon 5 singer in the hilarious “Say Something Normal” game show sketch. Miles TellerJames Austin Johnson played fellow bad text Armie Hammer in the sketch, Bowen Yang as himself and Keenan Thompson as the professor, they were also tried.

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show.
send normal #SNL Premier pic.twitter.com/LGLbDvSzDI

โ€” Saturday Night Live โ€“ SNL (@nbcsnl) October 2, 2022

Mikey’s Adam, seemingly fully aware of his actions, said:I was wrongHe waved his finger at the camera. Miles then introduced James’ Army and his “unwilling career change” (there are reports that he’s selling timeshares). Cayman Islands Following his claims of cannibalistic fantasies, which were revealed through leaks of explicit messages sent to women. James’ army, however, seemed poised for a reintroduction to Hollywood. “Welcome to Hollywood,’ can you give us a big round of applause?” he asked the audience. Before getting to the first question of the night, Miles quickly silenced him by saying, “No, maybe not.”

Mikey Day as Adam Levine on SNL. (NBC)

“Okay Adam โ€” how are you going to respond to this lady’s DM?” Hey Adam! Big fan, I love your music!

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