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Benjamin Schwartz is an American actor, comedian, writer, director and producer who is pretty cool. Ben, as many of you know, has been in multiple TV shows and has been entertaining us for years already. You may know him from his role as Jean-Ralphio in . parks and recreation or sonic voice Sonic the hedgehogIf you know his professional work, you know Ben is a very talented artist. Besides being a talented guy, Ben is also the nice, humble type of guy you want to be friends with. But aside from being talented and a nice guy, Mr. Schwartz is the king of style. From introductions to his passion for vintage fashion, Ben tells us about his world of fashion.

What is your relationship with fashion?

Ben: Do you know what’s wrong?It feels like [fashion] As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in what I put on my body. It was always about comfort first. And now, as I’m slowly getting older, it’s about buying things that aesthetically please me and all those things.

GUCCI top, RANG & BONE pants, JORDAN 3 sneakers

what are you currently into? favorite?

I’m a vintage t-shirt and sneakers. I have a lot of feet, so I really like sneakers. I have a nice little collection of Jordans and worked in a sneaker store when I was younger. When I was a kid, I worked at a place called The Athlete’s Foot. So sneakers and vintage t-shirts were really fun.

Do you have a favorite sneaker?

I have a pair of very special sneakers that I got after work and have never worn them. But I wear them all. I’m not the kind of person who buys something and keeps it in the closet forever. i love the jordan 3 So the Jordan 3 colorway I always wear is Nick’s colorway. But I have something called the Jordan 3 free throw line at home, and it’s a Jordan 3, and there’s a line on the sole where Jordan hits his foot when he dunks off the free throw line in a dunk contest. .

And it’s a rarer pair. So I have. It’s in the box I haven’t taken out yet. If I get it, it’s my next one… I don’t know. A special night out sneaker for me.

How would you describe your style?

Oh. Do not know. interesting. I don’t have much chance to talk about it. It’s more… not that much thought put into it, which is probably why I’m not good at this. But it always comes first with comfort…so if you’re just relaxing at home during the day and not going out, I have my favorite pair of pajama bottoms from Vermont flannel. They use the same type of flannel for things like really soft shirts. And from everywhere I wear a shirt that’s really comfortable. I have this cardigan from Scotch & Soda and it’s very comfortable and way too big. And it’s a nice little lounge I do. But when I go out, I usually wear comfy shirts or his vintage T-shirts with fun graphics.

On top of that, a comfy plaid or a shirt with buttons that go all the way to the top button, or a cardigan. that’s my everything. But when I was in high school, I didn’t like it hitting her leg, so I don’t wear jeans. Since then I have stopped wearing jeans. I am wearing chino pants. Rag & bone has these pants that I wear. I have them in 3 different colors. And that’s literally all I wear.


Don’t like the texture of your jeans or other jeans?

I never. If anyone can convince me. I like everything to be softer. So I felt like I didn’t have the patience to wear jeans. Also, to be fair, I haven’t given it a good shot in a long time. When I was younger, I didn’t have money for nice clothes, so the jeans I could buy no matter how cheap were very rough. I remember saying to my parents, “I’m never going to wear this again. to me anytime.

Is there anything you’ve worn in shows or movies that you’ve incorporated into your wardrobe? Either get the actual piece or incorporate it into your style in another way?

yes. This is a great question.I was doing a TV program called house of lies, had an incredible wardrobe department. I was very lucky in the wardrobe department. I’ve played with nice, kind people. And all the suits were made for me.And I had a lot of Hugo Boss and I loved Paul Smith. There were a lot of Paul Smith’s works there. And that probably started to help my appreciation for wearing a good suit. I had them at home and wore them everywhere. I wore the suit from that show to everything. To speak the show, anything. And when I started growing out of them, I would give them to friends or donate them when I wanted something else.

I really liked the idea of ​​the clothes living on. It’s the same way you buy vintage shirts and such. And I know I have friends who don’t wear suits. So I started out with a lot of these suits, but now I only have 6 left, I have this show he did for 5 years so maybe he has a lot of 20+ suits. was

When I like something, I try to keep it. From photoshoots and such, I have an amazing stylist named Sonia Young. pretty. Also, now that some are available, I think it’s exciting to try out different styles and stuff like that.

What current projects are you most excited about and what readers should check out?

I’m doing a show that just came out after partyIt’s a murder mystery. Starring Tiffany Haddish, Ike Barinholtz, Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, Ilana Glazer, Jamie Demetriu, Dave Franco and myself. It looks like a really great show. Producers and Chris Miller directed all episodes. And it’s one of my favorite shooting experiences I’ve ever been to. And then someone died in the first episode, and Tiffany’s later episodes interview each of us to ask what happened that night. People have different ways of retelling it. That is, it is shot in a different genre of cinema.So romantic guy shot like a romantic comedy.bad guy shot like fast and furious movie. And my one-shot was like a daring musical.

So I had to sing and choreograph and dance, and it was awesome. So I am very proud of it. And it’s out now, with the final few episodes now coming out every week on Apple TV. So check it out!


Photographer Serah Sironi

Interview by Leila Farahani

Grooming by Gillian Whitlock

fashion by Sonia Young