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A must-have mitt for cold weather

Mitts are one of the main trends for the upcoming fall/winter season. This type of glove is especially comfortable and practical in winter, but it also looks elegant and incredibly attractive. . Gloves combine style and function, protecting your hands from the cold and allowing you to maintain complete freedom of movement.

A mitt is a fingerless glove with a folded piece of cloth on top, usually fastened with a small button.In the coming season, hand accessories of all kinds are back in fashion, some adapted to modern trends. To do.

Mitts originally appeared in the Middle Ages and were popular mainly among the lower classes. After that, mitts caught the attention of modern fashionistas and became an indispensable accessory not only on the catwalk, but also in everyday life.


Mitt type

For winter, knitted mittens are definitely a good choice. It effectively warms your hands and allows you to quickly get your wallet or keys out of your pocket.

  • Mitts – Transformers: Instantly transform into upgraded mittens to protect your fingers from the cold thanks to a special cover.
  • Mitt pipes: These mitts do not have special compartments for fingers and palms and look great with t-shirts.
  • Mittens made of dense fabric or light suede: an elegant choice for strolling around the city in autumn. Often these mitts are decorated with beads or leather inserts.
  • Lace Mittens: These mittens are richly decorated and, depending on the color, are suitable for a variety of solemn occasions.

What do you wear with your mitts?

  • A hat or scarf perfectly complements the look created by mitts.
  • Bright solid color mitts will grab everyone’s attention and match with fashionable tops and t-shirts.
  • Knitted mittens look great with tunics and knitted dresses.
  • Long lace mitts are the perfect complement to evening and cocktail dresses.


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