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After the state funeral at Westminster Abbey, a procession began to carry the Queen’s coffin to Windsor for the ceremony. Below, members of the Bearer Party prepare to walk behind a coffin as it travels through London.

After the march by car: Queen Consort, Princess of Wales, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Countess of Wessex, Duchess of Sussex. Behind them are Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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After the service, Her Majesty’s coffin was carried through the Abbey and back to the state artillery for its procession to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner.

The King and members of the royal family once again followed the Queen’s coffin in procession.

After leaving Westminster Abbey, the carriage passes through Parliament Square, where the Honor Guard of the Three Armies is held and the Horse Guards Parade, where Her Majesty the Queen presided over numerous Trooping the Color ceremonies during her reign. passed.

It was then taken up by a mall where thousands of ordinary people were lined up.

It was an amazing sight.

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After the funeral, the coffin was taken to the gun carriage in a spectacle unseen for generations. Hundreds of soldiers, sailors and airmen marched or lined the route for the solemn funeral. Behind her coffin are Prince Charles and his brothers, the Princess Her Royal, Duke of York and Earl of Wessex, followed by her three grandchildren of the monarch, Peter Her Phillips, Duke of Sussex and Prince. Of Wales followed.

On the way, he looked sad.

Below is the procession at the Victoria Memorial near Buckingham Palace.

daily mail On a day of glamorous and poignant symbolism, grief engraved on the faces of Charles, his brothers and children, the crowds that flocked to The Mall, Whitehall and Parliament Square to bid farewell to the monarch she loved so much. I was. Her coffin was brought from the monastery on a gun wagon. ”

Another view of the turret.

The procession goes to Constitution Hill.


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At the coffin’s side again were a party of bearers and pallbearers (the Queen’s former butlers who had been brought out of the army to organize the Queen’s diaries), and the King’s bodyguards, the Honorable Gentleman’s Corps, Youmen of the Guard, Archer’s Royal Company.

The march included dozens of detachments from British and Commonwealth forces.

Street level view.

Here you can see the procession reaching the Wellington Arch.

The place where the members of the bearers who followed the procession by car connected with the members walking behind the coffin.

The artillery stopped.

The royal family watches as the coffin is removed from the gun mount.

and transferred to the state hearse.

Those walking the procession got into their cars and continued the rest of the way to Windsor, about 22 miles away.

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As the hearse drove away, the parade gave the royal salute and the processional band assembled behind played the national anthem. .

Princess of Wales in procession.A procession passing through the Royal Albert Hall.

The drive to Windsor was filled with people eager to watch the procession and pay their respects to the Queen.from daily mail Talk.

Crowds threw roses in front of the Queen’s coffin and cheered the Queen back to Windsor Castle for the last time today to reunite with her beloved Prince Philip and her parents in the medieval splendor of St George’s Chapel.

In an extraordinary and moving scene, an estimated two million cheerers lined the streets to bid farewell to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and lay bouquets in her hearse as it traveled from West London to Berkshire. was showered.

As the procession made its way from London to Windsor, guests already in Windsor saw flower arrangements and wreaths sent in the Queen’s honor.

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Over 1,000 military personnel took part in ceremonies around Windsor, including processions and route preparation.

The state hearse was flanked by Paul Bearer and an escort of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.

The band of the Household Cavalry, the band of the Grenadier Guard, and the musd pipes and drums of the Scottish and Irish regiments took turns playing music.

The crowd was massive along Windsor’s iconic Long Walk.

There was also a border of flowers on both sides of the promenade.

The floral border was made using flowers left at Windsor Castle by those mourning the Queen.

In the photo above you can see some of the flowers thrown into the hearse as it passed the crowd trying to bid farewell to Her Majesty the Queen. I saw you in It was Her Majesty’s Fell Pony, Emma.

Also there are her two corgis, Sandy and Muik.

from Telegraph’s coverage.

Two of Queen Elizabeth’s great passions in life were dogs and horses. So it probably came as no surprise to see her beloved corgi and her fallen pony, Emma, ​​included in the funeral procession unannounced.

Sandy and Muik, now in Prince Andrew’s care, waited to arrive at Windsor Castle with their new master as the coffin of their deceased owner made a slow, long walk.

Windsor also had Emma, ​​the late Queen’s trusted horse. Queen Elizabeth Fell was a patron of her society with her ponies, and she continued to ride them well into her 90s.

Details in this video.

Members of the royal family were also out in procession.

Here more domestic workers are out to greet the procession.

Princess Charlotte with her family getting out of the car.

Below, the Prince of Wales, the Royal Princess, the Earl of Snowdon and the Duke of Sussex chat in the late afternoon sun.

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi entering the chapel.

Several of the visiting royals attended both services. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and King Willem-Alexander.King Felipe of Spain and Sofia.

King Charles.

The remaining members of the Bearer Party then regrouped to follow the coffin to St George’s Chapel.

The coffin is taken to the chapel.

The procession entered the chapel as the choir sang Psalm 121.

Right Reverend David Connor, KCVO and Dean of Windsor led the service. The blessing was proclaimed by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, High Reverend and Honorable Right.

Bottom (top to bottom): King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (standing) and Queen Silvia, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, King Felipe VI of Spain, Sofia.

This was followed by a blessing and the singing of the national anthem.

A family funeral was held in the chapel later this evening, and Her Majesty was interred with her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, in the King George VI Memorial Chapel within St George’s Chapel.

Tonight, the royal family released new photos of the late Queen.

The Prince and Princess of Wales also released a message on social media.

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