A guide to stylish ear stacking

Ear stacking is one of the latest fashion and accessory trends and is only getting more popular. Ear stacking is about curating your own look by combining different earrings such as hoops, huggies, studs and clickers to create your own personalized earring style.

Usually worn on one ear as a statement, but there are a wide variety of earrings available as a way to customize and style your ear stack, and when it comes to earrings, the variety of designs and styles to choose from is endless. With , you don’t even need to get pierced to make the most of this style trend.

Take a look at our guide on how to create stylish ear stacks and how to style them on a daily basis.

Get to know different piercings

Use ear bags different ear piercings If you’re looking to create a custom look and expand your ear stack collection, you may be looking to add a few new piercings, but where do you start? Curate your own ear stacks Let’s take a look at some of the different piercings available for.


A lobe piercing is probably the first piercing you will receive, and as the name suggests, the piercing can be above the lobe, or above the lobe (second or third piercing). Lobe piercings are one of the least painful piercings. That’s why many people start with this piercing. Healing time for leaf piercings is approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

Upper lobe

Similar to the earlobe, the earlobe is thinned and there is also an upper lobe with cartilage. Upper lobe piercings are usually closer to the edge and are less common piercings as they reduce your earring options due to their positioning.


Helix piercings are located in the upper quadrant of the ear and are usually placed very close to the edge of the ear where the ear forms the lip. The cartilage in this area is so thin that a needle prick is relatively painless and healing takes about 8 to 18 weeks.


Conch piercings are located in the curved dome of the ear. Conch piercings are considered to be one of the more painful piercings, but since the area is quite large, adding conch jewelry to your ear stack as a statement looks great. It may take 3-8 months for this piercing to heal.


A rook piercing is placed near the inner ridge of cartilage in the ear, parallel to the edge of the outer ear. There is a healing period of about 4 to 10 months.


Dice piercings can be very tricky in some places because they wrap around the cartilage inside your ear. There are individual differences in the thickness of dice cartilage, so some people may feel that dice piercings are not suitable.

mixture of two metals

Combining two different metals as part of a jewelry collection was usually a big deal, but with Ear Stacks you don’t have to stick to just one metal. Mix and match gold and silver pieces for extra sparkle and create your own ear stacking style. If you’re layering gold huggies over your ear lobe piercings, why not add a pretty silver stud to the top of your ear? Improve the appearance of your ears!

earring chain

Speaking of earring chains, these statement pieces are a new style staple when creating your own ear stacks. A must-have for any jewelry collection, especially if you want to create an eye-catching stack. Pair the earring chain with hoops, studs, huggies, or another chain for a bold look. Wear a single earring dangling or meander multiple to add an edgy extra.

daily stack

For everyday stacks that are suitable for work, home, or just a quick errand, you want to choose pretty, simple pieces that suit your look no matter what you’re wearing. It is a good idea to choose earrings that are all one metal, and plain metal jewelry with just one or two pieces and a bit of color or glare. Huggie hoop earrings, studs and flat backs are perfect for everyday wear. stacking earringsStick with about 3-4 and you’re done. Perfect for everyday stacking.

photo courtesy Daihana Monares upon unsplash.

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