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Can’t decide what to gift a fashionista this holiday season? If you’re looking to gift something gorgeous, thoughtful, and sustainable for the holiday season, this fashion gift guide is for you. We offer eight great gift ideas for every classy and stylish queen on your list. So let’s dive into our gift guide for the fashion lover in your life!

1. Designer wallets

Before you keep scrolling because it’s “too expensive,” what if you told your friend, sister, or mom that they could get you a designer purse? fraction of cost? Imagine the look on their faces when they see this timeless masterpiece. chanel quilted purse under the tree kate spade leather handbagYou’ll be the best gift giver ever (except Santa, of course).

Get up to 70% off the list price on luxury branded merchandise with consignment sales. In some cases, you can save up to $500 on designer purses on consignment while they are currently on the shelf!

Plus, when you buy your bag from Current Boutique, you don’t have to worry. We keep only clean items that are used infrequently and clean them to make them look like new. Additionally, we go through a thorough certification process to ensure you and your recipient are getting the label and quality you expect from a designer purse.

start shopping Click here for current boutique designer walletsNothing beats your favorite handbag to start the new year off in style and style.

2. Timeless necklace

“Vintage” pieces are always trendy because they help you connect with style lovers from the past. But not all “timeless” items have to be vintage. Tiffany & Co. items are instantly timeless, thanks to their minimalist design and quality craftsmanship.

Every woman loves to receive beautiful jewelry if they want to give something really special and meaningful.Just like the designer wallets above, you can buy Genuine Fine Jewelery on Consignmentt at a significantly lower price. Plus, there’s something really beautiful about knowing that the necklace adorned his fellow fashionista’s neck. loved fashion.

3. Pajama set

We all know pajamas reign supreme, so they had to head over to our fashion gift guide. Then you understand it.

Every girl wants fresh pajamas and sweatshirts to snuggle up to this winter season. It’s a cozy gift that’s sure to give you brownie points with your friends.check out Vogue’s selection of the best pajama sets to get some ideas.we are big fans too for pajamas Because they’re so soft and cute – and you can even get a matching pajama set with your best friend!

4. Whimsical Earrings

Playful earrings are all the rage this season, adding a little bit of light and brightness to our days. I love to play with. Just wearing the earrings gives me an instant boost of confidence. Clothes and accessories have a direct impact on our psychology, so wearing something flashy and fun will instantly make your friend’s day a lot happier. Thanks to you!

There are many local boutiques, artists and Etsy shops selling unique and specialty earrings. Don’t just give your friends cool jewelry that they love and add a touch of flair to their wardrobe, Support Small Businesses This Holiday SeasonToday’s boutiques are well stocked with both fashion and fine jewelery to match the recipient’s style. Worth a visit!

5. Stylish face mask

Would a quarantine fashion gift guide be complete without face mask gifts? There are so many cute face masks on the market right now that they are received with new “accessories” that keep the recipient safe. You can spoil someone.

can buy Handmade masks on Etsy or check some Click here for fashionable masks…or you can do it DIY if you’re a crafty person. Pair it with a funny quarantine holiday card and some travel hand sanitizer packs and you have the ultimate gag and practical gift.

6. High quality laundry detergent

This is a unique gift idea that many people don’t think of. Most people have proven laundry detergents, but these detergents often contain chemicals that are toxic to both people and the environment. I’m using Tide from… EWG gives the tide Their products are D or F rated! This means their products contain ingredients known to cause cancer, environmental hazards, and other serious health and environmental concerns.

Show love and compassion by caring for the health of your loved ones When Wash your clothes with a good quality laundry detergent. They will love how caring you are.check out some of these Click here for Safe Laundry Detergent.

7. Fashion poster

If your recipient loves fashion but doesn’t know what’s trending that week, give them something timeless and classic, like vintage fashion wall art.we love These magazine cover posters on EtsyHowever, if you search on Google, you will find many useful options.

In addition to posters, there are many other unique and fashionable decorations such as coffee table books, coasters, pillows and more.you can find Home Decor Fashion Gift Guide Make your search easier.

8. Gift certificates

One of the easiest yet most thoughtful presents is a gift certificate to a local boutique. Buying gift certificates from small businesses is a good idea because small businesses need your help to survive during the holiday season and recipients like to support and explore new small businesses.

Give the gift of sustainable and glamorous designer fashion this season with a Current Boutique gift certificate. This gives your friends the freedom to find high-quality, luxurious clothes, shoes, bags and accessories they love, and makes shopping so much more fun. We’re excited to announce that Current Boutique Gift Certificates offer you double the benefits: We offer a unique consignment retailer (in-person or online) shopping experience. When Your friends will be twice as excited when they receive and wear your new merchandise. Stop by a current boutique near you Get an easy and refreshing gift certificate this holiday season, or contact us If you cannot come in person.

Enjoy this fashion gift guide. Don’t forget to make small purchases this season. Happy Holidays and Happy Gifts!