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A fashion girl’s guide to trying out new trends

So you want to step into the trend pool, but you’re not sure whether to start on the shallow end with a simple strapless top that hints at the current trend cycle. and cowboy boots for a hodgepodge of the hottest pieces on social media and dive into the deep end. To be one of the coveted girls who look trendy, timeless, and always cool, you need to follow a few tips, even though your ensemble always looks put together and confident. In general, there are no rules in fashion, but consider these tips as helpful tips on your style journey.

We explore how to be trendy in a way that doesn’t deviate from your established tastes, and if you decide to experiment, we show you how not to break the bank, simple tips. shopping on eBayRead on to find out how to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.

Find trends according to your personal taste

of The key to shopping trends Participate with a clear head and a critical eye. You can appreciate the art of style without necessarily having to try it, because it’s nothing out of the ordinary to wear. You can allow for creativity and experimentation if it looks like something you’ll only wear once from the beginning, but you can also leave it on the hanger.

Even those of us who don’t have a clearly defined personal style have our own tastes and favorite pieces.It goes against what you feel comfortable with, it’s not for you. Maxi skirts are trending right now, but this is a very versatile piece that can be styled in many different ways, even if you tend to go with a hemline a few inches north. It can be chopped and modified with existing items to match your style and easily transition to regular wear items.

Alternatively, there’s the cargo pants trend that’s been saturating our society lately, an interesting style reminiscent of the revived 2000s. However, Cargo leans a little more towards its already established look. It can be styled to be neither overtly casual nor tomboyish, but it’s still not as versatile as a maxi skirt. Give it a try and say that only the store styles you know get mileage.

Try to avoid microtrends

As well as shopping trends that fit into your existing wardrobe, the ultra-stylish among us Avoid microtrendsWe’ve already seen examples of maxi skirts and cargo pants, but neither are microtrends. Due to the nature of trend cycles, both come and go, but microtrends do not last. by these rules. Microtrends are generally cheap items that are oversaturated across social media and meant to last only one season.

The explosion of microtrends came as a direct result of social media attire. Certain pieces are usually very photogenic, but not necessarily wearable in everyday life. The original items aren’t always fast fashion, but they’ve spurred a lot of cheap imitations. , it is best to avoid them altogether.

buy second hand

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When it comes to shopping trends, it can be difficult to know when to splurge and when to go for cheaper options. If you choose the more expensive route to shop more consciously and ethically, you’ll end up paying for something you can’t buy if you don’t wear it over and over again. Going the cheap route is much more affordable, but you’re paying for pieces that may not be well made, contributing to the fast fashion cycle.

So where is the middle ground? When buying more experimental and trendy pieces, The best places to look are second hand storesBuying vintage or second-hand goods does not harm the industry. And you don’t have to hand over your first child to buy a hot tube top. If you want more curated context than trolling through local specialty stores, shopping online through sites like eBay can tailor your search to your specific points of interest.

Style is highly personal, and each season adds its own unique interpretation, even as new trends emerge. The key point is to feel confident in what you wear when you leave home and face the world every day. , buy ethically and purchase items that make you feel incredible.

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