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With the looming change of seasons comes a clear and persistent concern. We should soon be retiring from our cushy sundresses and lightweight tank tops in favor of thick, plush pieces. No. In a word, yesthanks to this handy fall clothing checklist that touches on the basics needed to keep you comfortable.

Ready to show off your fashion knowledge this season? Read on for everything you need to know.

fall outfit checklist

1. White tank (or two)

Believe it or not, this closet staple is on trend. And we guarantee that white tanks will never go out of fashion. Wear this easy top repeatedly this season and repeat next year.

Trendy ways to wear a white tank top this fall:

  • with jeans and a bomber jacket
  • Over a maxi skirt secured with sandals
  • With black pants and a blazer
  • Underneath an unbuttoned oversized button-down top

Where to buy white tanks:

  • Anthropology For upgraded layer tanks. More expensive than the Target tank, but much more stylish.
  • Amazon Essentials For affordable casual tanks.
  • H&M Tank fall in between. It’s affordable, but has more detailed options, like lace trim.

2. Maxi skirt

Why wear pants when you can wear floor-length skirts? Maxi skirts are versatile, flattering and the perfect combination to add to your fall wardrobe.

This season’s options range from menswear-inspired cargo maxi to delicate, flowing florals, straight hemlines to shark bites, and no leg slits or high cuts. In other words, if the skirt length comes close to the ankle, there is no doubt.

Trendy Ways to Wear a Maxi This Fall:

Where to buy maxi skirts:

  • graduation Price, ease of shopping, assortment.
  • Amazon when you have time. If you have time to sort and filter, you will almost certainly find what you need.
  • zlily for trading.

3. Bomber jacket

Fictional airline pilot Maverick is trending again. The bomber jacket is coming his Fall 2022.

Choose a less overt style to make your bomber jacket last longer top gun theme. In other words, skip the olive green satin look and opt for something more subdued.

Trendy ways to wear a bomber jacket this fall:

  • As mentioned above, with your maxi skirt and tank.
  • Over jeans, over a T-shirt.
  • Untuck it with black skinny trousers and an oversized button-down.

What to wear to buy a bomber jacket:

4. Top handle bag

What can you say about top handle bags? Easy, convenient and stylish. You can find calm, classic designs or bold and trendy designs.

There are no rules about when to carry a top-handle bag. Buy your favorite items and take them with you wherever you go.

Where to buy top handle bags:

5. Oversized button down

Model in oversized button-down top and beige pants.
If you’re over 23, you shouldn’t miss this very young model from American Eagle. Because it’s a stylish this $50 Versatile Oversized Top.

Oversized button-down tops have been on trend lists for years straight and are now becoming a staple. If not, wear it as a front tie top next year.

This season, you can wear a masculine button-down.

  • Top with a bomber jacket over skinny pants or leggings if it’s cold.
  • Jeans under the blazer. Add statement loafers if you want to be super trendy.
  • As outerwear when it’s not cold enough to wear a thick jacket.

Where can I buy an oversized button down top?

  • american eagle Available in multiple styles ranging from $40 to $50.
  • free people If only I had a little more room to spend for something special.
  • Target For cheap subtle picks.

6. Blazer

We see all sorts of blazer interpretations on this season’s rack. My advice? Choose a neutral color and match it with the rest of your outfit for a glamorous look. Floral camis and cute scarves.

Note that Neutral is not limited to Boring, Boring, or Boring. Try light blue, taupe, or gray-green.

Trendy Ways to Wear a Blazer This Fall:

  • Pair a blazer with jeans, a white tank top and ankle booties. A flawless look.
  • Top denim shorts with a blazer and t-shirt, and anchors with sneakers.The perfect off-duty ensemble.
  • A pencil skirt and blazer and a silky top for your boss’s women’s day.

Where to buy a blazer:

7. Black pants

Another classic style with trend status is black trousers. Like top-handle bags, black trousers are so versatile that you don’t need any dress code. This season, trouser coordination is not limited to work basics. After hours, pair your trousers with a graphic t-shirt or sexy top.

Where to buy black pants:


I love how LBD is trending. Yes, I have a couple in my closet. But can you use the newly updated version for last minute party invitations? Absolutely.

Of course, you already know how to wear an LBD. Heels, strategic accessories, and the right lip color are my go-to ingredients.

Where to buy LBD:

  • nasty gal If you want to show some skin.
  • Lulu’s About style, price and choice.
  • Department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, and Dillard’s usually have good choices.

Well, we’ve covered everything you need to know about fall outfit updates. Sign off and enjoy your shopping.

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