7 delicious ways to make your next negroni

Casper Landmoses Negroni Vecchio

The Negroni Vecchio recipe calls for a bottle of vintage 1970s Campari.

1 oz.Beefeater gin
1 oz.vintage punt e female
1 oz.Vintage Campari
dried orange slices for garnish

if you follow me on instagram You know I’m a huge Negroni fan. If I wasn’t, would I be a self-respecting menswear lover? I love experimenting with materials, proportions and different variations, but never deviate too much from the original.

My favorite is the Negroni Vecchio. (I don’t use vintage gin, so it’s actually 2/3 Negroni Vecchio.) Over the years, I’ve come across bottles of Campari from the 1980s and various sweet vermouths from the same era. . My personal favorite is Punt. E-female.

Over 30 years of aging gives the spirit a more complex flavor. Campari, for example, has a much stronger bitterness, which I like very much. choose beefeater. That’s because we think it’s one of the best quality bangs for the money.

I really like bitterness, so I always have an IPA with an ale. I usually give Campari a little more weight than vermouth. But when working with vintage vermouth, I always use the classic halves method.

For garnish, either fresh orange slices done the “right” way, or dried orange slices I keep in my home bar. . My top tip – if you come across a vintage bottle, don’t overdo it – it will take your Negroni to another level.

– Casper Landmorse

Brian Sakawa’s Rich & Classic Negroni

Classic Negroni recipe1 oz.tanqueray london dry gin
1 oz. Cocchi Vermouth in Turin
1 oz.Campari
orange slice for garnish (cut in half)

I am a creature of habit. I know what I like and once dialed in, it rarely changes.Plus, there are so many possibilities and permutations that I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice not to experiment sometimes. conduct When I dial in a recipe, I tend to stick with it for a while and this is what I like these days.

Before I get into the details of my current favorite Negroni recipe, let’s talk about mine. Previous favorite. Equal amounts of Beefeater Gin, Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth and Campari. A very classic, no-nonsense approach and how every Negroni I’ve ever had in Italy was prepared. And like my Italian bartender, I never measured anything. Look directly at each ingredient, add ice, stir with your fingers a few times and enjoy.

Here are my new favorite recipes. It’s certainly a classic, but it ratchets up a few things from the old beefeater, martini, and Campari standbys.In addition to stronger drinking, it has a larger bite and snap to flavor profile that pairs well with Campari. Contrast It pairs very well with the rich flavor and texture of Cocci Vermouth di Torino. Much deeper and more complex than Martini & Rossi.

This recipe takes apart the mixing glass and jigger. This is because I tried to verify this a few times, so I can see that precision is important here. Stir with ice for 30 seconds, distortion In a double old-fashioned glass on big icegarnish with an orange wedge.

– Brian Sakawa

Original #Menswear Negroni by Tony Gorga

1 oz.monkey 47 gin
1 oz.Punt E Month
1 oz.Campari
1 cara cara orange for garnish

I make my Negroni with most gins except cucumber (Tanqueray is an excellent readily available gin, Brian, good choice), but I like Monkey 47 these days. While undoubtedly expensive, the subtle balancing notes of citrus and herbs complement an excellent vermouth. But for me, the vermouth is what gives the Negroni its character, and the panto e mez is just the ticket.

Rich and thick with a mouthfeel similar to a good balsamic. It can be syrupy, but not too sweet. It feels like you’re drinking something substantial, and it goes great with a delicious ribeye grilled on the grill.

When it comes to Campari, I don’t have much experience with vintage goods (or want to spend a fortune). Bring some bright red from your local liquor store.

My first Negroni had a slice of orange. That’s how it’s made now. When I find it, I make it a blood orange, but the faint sweetness of the Caracalla variety goes very well with it. The size is also suitable for glass products.

Quality ice is a hugely underrated ingredient in any cocktail. Our tap water tastes pretty good. Pass it through the Brita filter anywaySimilarly, I prefer round blocks of ice to squares or multiple cubes. Dissolving slowly means it’s equivalent to a drink with less water.

When it comes to proportions, I’m a classic equal. I mix mine in batches and keep them in the fridge. This is a bit of a nod to my late grandfather. His wife kept a jar of his “medicine” (dried her VO her Manhattan) in the fridge so she could pour half every afternoon. He lived to be 101 years old, so I think it’s a good habit to follow.

– Tony Gorga

Brad Lamphear Shaken Not Stard Negroni

Two blacks shaken instead of stirred.

1 oz.Tangerei No. Ten
1 oz.Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth
1 oz.Campari
orange peel for garnish

I like Negronis Extra Cold, it’s more refreshing in the warmer months. (That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it all year round, though…) make Negroni than the actual ingredients of the drink. A decent gin and a sweet vermouth will do just fine, as long as you have Campari.

I am particularly particular about ice. It should be about 1-inch ice cubes, not chips or crescent ice maker ice. I need a good old ice trayAnyway, this should be used for all cocktails. If you can find one of the 1960s style metal lever trays Building perfect cubes like your grandfather probably used, you’re in business.

Preparation begins by grabbing a handful of ice and placing it in a large metal cocktail shaker. Then pour in 1 oz. of each ingredient on ice. Shake hard! Then add another handful of ice to the rocks glass. Pour the shaker into a glass and place it on ice. Garnish with orange peel for added citrus and a pop of color. Please enjoy it gorgeously.

– Brad Lanphear

Stephen Elliott’s Mezcal Negroni

1 oz.maguey mezcal
1 oz.Dolin or Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
1 oz.Campari
orange peel for garnish

Honestly, the classic Negroni recipe is something every self-respecting cocktail lover should know how to make. Maybe it’s the constant idolatry, or the way I feel like absolute death after doing so much. Damn, Jin!

What I admire about Italian-born drinks is their balanced 1-1-1 mix of spirits, bitters and aperitifs. Drinking four or more ingredient cocktails a day just doesn’t fit my style. This is one of the reasons he likes Negronis.

My favorite interpretation of Negroni is Mezcal Negroni. What I appreciate about mezcal is the smoky flavor it adds to the mix. The sweetness of the vermouth and the bitter orange flavor of Campari combine to create an easy-to-drink cocktail that is a 9 out of 10 favorite.

I like to switch things up often, often changing one or all three ingredients to get a different flavor profile. Substitute Campari for Zucca His Amaro, change Sweet Her Vermouth, or try a new bottle of Mezcal. Each variation adds nuance to the Negroni, making it interesting and enjoyable.

– Stephen Elliott

What’s your favorite recipe?

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