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60+ free email templates to revitalize your email marketing

A GIF scrolling through the Quickstart template library in the FeedBlitz interface.

Grab your inbox and save design time with eye-catching email campaigns.

Designing templates, especially from scratch, can be a huge frustration. But what if that hard work has already been done for you? Templates to showcase your products, image layouts to highlight your work, invitations ready to send, waiting for your words. What if everything, including podcast updates, was at your fingertips?

Don’t worry, the FeedBlitz Quick Start Template Library has just that. Jump-start your email marketing with 60+ free email templates.

A collage highlighting three different email templates, including a webinar signup, a monthly newsletter with multiple blocks, and a photo email showcasing an image gallery.

Sleek lines, bold colors, content boxes, and buttons in email templates? You’re covered.

Fully customizable, FeedBlitz email templates are designed to be visually appealing. When Reduce your investment in time by having the most popular content blocks, attractive fonts, and button styles at your fingertips.

A collage showing four different email templates highlighting retail uses, including a restaurant special email, a Valentine's Day discount, a sale announcement, and an advanced retail template with multiple sections, blocks, and images.

Gone are the endless rabbit holes of color matching and element placement to get your template just right before you start adding content. Search our library to find templates that offer groups of product images, large background images, corresponding call-to-action buttons, social icons, and subscription icons.

You can use the template as is and switch the text to suit your own message, or use the layout as a base to start your own design. Regardless, all email templates have been reviewed and tested across a variety of email platforms and devices to ensure they look great on desktop as well as mobile.

Highlight your content in new ways.

Our ever-growing library of email templates includes a variety of simple newsletter templates, as well as advanced templates set up to easily promote email courses, online challenges, product updates, and more. (Yes, we really mean it!)

Whether it’s images, videos, text, or multiple products, we have templates to help you highlight your own content and make it stand out in your inbox.

A collage showing four different email templates: a birthday discount, a weekly newsletter with multiple blocks, a new podcast episode announcement, and a holiday sale flyer.

Easily sort by category or quickly search by keyword to find the perfect template.If by chance you can’t find a matching template, simply Support contact and let us know. Our team releases 4 new templates every month and we are always open to suggestions and requests.

All FeedBlitz clients are available starting with the free trial. Choose a template, tweak it (if necessary), add content,[送信]Simply click to send an email.

Want to try one or two (or 20 or 30) free email templates? your free trial. If you have any questions, Support page Contact us by email, chat or phone. Live support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

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