6 Creative and Fun Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Guestbook Ideas 6 Creative and Fun Wedding Guestbook Ideas

A wedding is the most beautiful and memorable day of your life. This is a day to remember and cherish for years to come. Couples spend years planning their perfect wedding. Since it involves many aspects, most people turn to professional services to plan the entire event.

Some people prefer a glamorous wedding, some find minimalist themes appealing, and others find the aesthetic touch to be the right choice. But it’s quite common to have a jazzy and glamorous theme for your wedding.

When it comes to a wedding, there is more to it than just choosing the dress and choosing the venue. Many of us tend to forget that it’s also about the people you want to be with you on your most important day. are the people of

So when you start planning your big day, you should consider things like meal decisions, planning with the weather forecast, creating a guestbook, and choosing gifts for your guests. It seems trivial, but it is very important. It really enhances your wedding theme.

So, let’s take a look at some leading wedding guestbook ideas that you can successfully incorporate into your big day.

1. bucket list

bucket list

As a couple, many of us have a bucket list of unique ideas for doing things together. You can take this to the next level with Wedding Bucket List Ideas! Hand out vintage and classy tin buckets along with pens and paper for your guests to write about you and your wedding. Here they can write down their thoughts and ideas for you, offer marriage advice and more. You can collect them.

2. Wedding gloves!

wedding gloves

Couples often plan world trips together. So for couples who love to travel, this could be an impressive guestbook idea. Aesthetically place your wedding globe guest book in your entryway. Here, guests can specify places to visit as a couple. It’s also a fun and interesting way to start a conversation with your guests. A wedding world guestbook is a very unique idea, and if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding that stands out from the rest, this might be a good idea.

3. Bottled messages and writing from rocks

Bottled messages and writing from rocks

An open bar at the reception is the ideal way to celebrate your wedding. A bar is an empty alcohol bottle that you can use creatively.

This is another impressive and quirky idea for a guestbook. Take advantage of empty wine bottles and have your guests write what they like and put a piece of paper in these bottles. You can save their happy memories as they write their thoughts.

wedding party

Apart from bottled messages, you can also have your guests write down on stones or pebbles. Writing with pen and marker on plain white pebbles is a great way to preserve your guestbook and is unexpectedly amazing.

Four. wedding video guestbook

nothing beats creativity wedding video guestbook, which is the best way to gather all guests virtually. They will record a video message for you and just upload the same. It reminds me of what made it so fun and memorable.

Five. Christmas ornaments and a skateboard

You can also use Christmas ornaments in your wedding guest book. Have all your guests sign Christmas ornaments that they can use later in life. I can. You can get more creative with this by leaving out glitter, glue, sketch her pens, etc. and allowing your guests to scribble.

Not only this, but you can also ask your guests to sign or write down their ideas, thoughts and advice about skateboarding. These can be stored for years. This is another way to do things differently and uniquely.

wedding guestbook ideas

6. table photo booth

You obviously hire a professional wedding photographer with great reviews. What you can do is place Polaroid cameras throughout the reception hall and tables. Not only are there lots of great wedding photos, but monotony shouldn’t ruin your wedding day either. That’s why a photo booth is a great wedding guestbook idea.


There are many things to take care of when planning a wedding. From choosing the theme to arranging the cake chosen by the couple. If you are in the wedding planning business, you are expected to be as creative and resourceful as possible, so when it comes to things like guestbooks, you have a wide range of choices and options to choose from.