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5 Things Kanye West Revealed on Good Morning America

In a recent episode of ABC’s Good Morning America, Kanye West— now officially Ye— Invite viewers as guests. He is active in politics, social media, His ongoing dispute with Gap Adidas and his new school, Donda Academy, in an interview labeled by the network “Conversations with Ye: The Linsey Davis Report”.

West addressed his public repercussions with Kim Kardashian on video. Even annoyed, he said: “This is the mother of my children and God asks me to be stronger, so I apologize for the stress I caused, even in my frustration. In order to raise such children, “In order to raise children, this person needs to be less stressed, have the best sanity of mind, and be as calm as possible.” He still has political ambitions and went on to say he plans to send his children to the controversial Donda Academy school.

After running for the 2020 White House, Yeh said “absolutely” He plans to run for president again, but has not announced when he will do so.

Here are 5 things Kanye West said in an interview…

#1. West of Kim Kardashian

Yeh claims he has a “new respect” for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and apologizes for straining their bond since Kardashian requested a divorce in February 2021. expressed. Recording artist and businessman Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, said, “This is the mother of my children and God is calling me to be strong, so in frustration. Even I apologize for the stress I caused. there is.”

#2. On West’s relationship with his children

Yeh is named after his late mother, Donda West, whose children presided over the Department of English, Communications, Media Arts, and Drama at Chicago State University on Chicago’s South Side. He said he “absolutely” wants to attend Donda Academy, which is a school. She passed away in 2007. “I am their dad. He said.

Additionally, he told ABC News that he hired a female basketball coach to help improve the skills of his 9-year-old daughter, North. The effort has shown dramatic results, he added. “She was training every day and I really followed her and when she came back she had her confidence,” he said.

#3. West of Donda Academy

A private school named Yeezy Christian Academy is located in Simi Valley, California. According to the school’s website, the academy’s mission is to help students “learn the basics, deepen their faith, and experience two fulfilling classes.”you said the school gives “A practical tool that kids need in a post-iPhone world.” He said the school is in its third year and has 82 students.

“So many schools are designed to educate children for industries that no longer matter,” he said, noting that the school’s focus areas are “hands-on,” such as engineering, computer programming and agriculture. I pointed out that it is in “skills”. He added that the school has tutors who focus on specific areas and “can actually turn your child into a genius.”

“If your kids are geniuses… they’re three grades ahead,” he added.

#Four. Exit the gap and go west

Ye, creator of fashion brand Yeezy, also addressed the end of partnership with Gap. Last week, Ye sent his Gap a letter ending his 10-year partnership, saying the clothing retailer violated his contract to sell his Yeezy Gap apparel line. West has plans to open his own line of stores, simply called YZY. Ye has been working with it ever since the collaboration with the company was revealed. called their shoes “fake Yeezys.”

“We had to level up” Ye said. “Who’s the new boss in town, really show me that I’m my boss. I am no longer just a man riding a polo horse. I was more than just a mascot, I got the crowd excited and said, “Hey, wear this, do this.” Learn How — Learn how to actually run a company. “

Ye added that she plans to move forward with her fashion show in Paris on October 3rd. Via Instagram, he said he has secured a new producer for the event. kanye west good morning america

#Five. West in another presidential election

Ye gave up his candidacy for president in November 2020. He lent his $6.8 million to his 2020 presidential commission, essentially self-funding his first 15 days of campaign, according to a public statement from the Federal Election Commission. increase. Ye said he was “absolutely” planning to run for president again, but did not specify when he would do so. “That time was not God’s time” He said.



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