5 styles of formal shoes for your wedding tuxedo

Main types of formal shoes

Consider your wedding dress code, the formality of your event, and your personal style preferences when choosing your shoes. That way, not only will your shoes complete your outfit, but you’ll be able to give yourself an extra boost of confidence during the event.

1. Patent leather oxfords

Patent leather oxford shoes are a classic style of formal footwear with a tuxedo.

Patent leather oxfords are a special type of shoe with a low heel and closed laces. Closed lacing essentially means that the leather flap containing the lacing eyelets is sewn under the vamp rather than above it. .

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Oxford dress shoes, due to their construction, appear to be made from a single piece of leather. This gives it a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, perfect for formal occasions.

Patent leather oxfords are the most formal style of men’s dress shoes. Therefore, it should be worn with a classic two-piece or three-piece tuxedo, or worn to a black-tie event.

For a more sophisticated style, consider buying whole-cut shoes. Oxford looks like it’s cut from a single piece of leather, but it’s actually whole cut. This gives it a very clean and sleek look that is sleek and very stylish.

2. Plain leather oxford

Plain black leather oxfords work well as a formal shoe style when properly polished.

Plain leather oxfords are another popular style of formal shoe, but they are less sophisticated than the previous option. This is mainly because these shoes aren’t as shiny. That said, you can also get a whole cut for added elegance and formality.

For a more formal wedding, choose plain leather oxford dress shoes with no cap toe or brogueing (leather perforations). These features detract from the elegance of the shoe a bit, but they can still look great on most formal occasions. Do not wear styled footwear.

3. Opera pump

Opera pumps are very old school style formal shoes.

Opera pumps are old school style formal shoes. Unlike loafers, the cutouts are deeper and the socks are more exposed.

The classic opera pump is easily recognizable by its bow.

These shoes are extremely elegant and timeless, making them perfect for formal events.

4. Belgian shoes

One pair of Belgian shoes in patent leather

Originally produced in small shops in New York City, Belgian shoes are very popular today. is.

Belgian shoes in patent leather are a great alternative to other loafers, especially if you plan to wear a full tuxedo. Because of how distinctive they are, these shoes are a natural choice for semi-formal, cocktail attire, optional black tie, and creative black tie dress codes. In your scenario, choose plain leather or suede. Because these are less formal than patent leather.

5. Velvet slippers

Velvet slippers are the perfect way to add personality to your tuxedo outfit

Velvet slippers are perhaps the least formal type of dress shoe. But in modern times, these shoes can add color and fun to a semi-formal event.

They come in different colors and often have some kind of embroidery. This can be used for monograms or to show off your interests and personality. They look best when worn to a wedding. Avoid wearing them with a full wedding tuxedo.

socks and thongs

A tuxedo with black silk socks is the most classic choice.

Speaking of socks, black silk over the calf is a must. This style is very traditional, has a translucent look and pairs well with formal shoes for an elegant aesthetic. Most thin socks will suffice.

However, do not wear white socks or sports socks with your dress shoes. Sports socks in particular tend to be more bulky than dress socks. As a result, they clash and bunch around the trouser legs and shoes, making the ensemble look sloppy.

As for the laces, they should be black. The most classic and formal lace is satinbut waxed cotton lace is also acceptable. If using waxed cotton, choose round lace for a more formal look.

Things to avoid

In addition to what we’ve already said, the biggest things to avoid when it comes to formal footwear are:

square toe shoesboxy shoes, or shoes with rubber or plastic soles. These look cheap and do not match the refined elegance of formal attire.

boots. Even if they’re considered dress boots, they don’t fit into formal attire, including tuxedos and dinner jackets. This type of footwear is noticeable at worst.


Whether you prefer patent leather Oxford dress shoes or opera pumps, choose based on the dress code and level of formality required for the occasion. In addition to this, it’s a good idea to invest in a few different styles that can be worn multiple times and paired with different outfits.