5 Most Versatile Fall Jackets For Men

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There’s an old menswear adage that “fall” basically lasts three days. It’s the fleeting moment that makes dressing perfect between dog days in summer and bitter cold in winter. It looks a little bleak.

Good news! Your resident, very online gal-who-help-guys-dress-better (and more specifically today, myself) Absolutely not.

Twitter’s chatter and meme culture is fun, but the smart and shrewd people (more specifically, you) actually shop and dress up.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The right jacket can perform magic tricks in your closet, extending your summer wardrobe into the cooler months and avoiding the need for slightly more bulky clothing.

To that end, SG HQ works with colleagues to hackberry Here are five great-looking and super-functional fall jackets you can buy right now. 3 jackets Moon Not just for 3 days.

Below, check out the five most versatile fall jackets men are scooping up this season.

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Men's Brown Leather Jacket, versatile fall jacket for men

Kick off with a big swing. Leather jackets can be polarizing, I know.

So skip the (certainly iconic!) black motorcycle jacket and gently tweak for something a little easier to take off. Brown leather jacket with a slightly boxy shape.

Huckberry includes two examples that I’m completely obsessed with. Both are from Schott.

First, this modest nubuck mechanic jacket It has a more textured, matte finish than that found in traditional leather.

For me, the boxy shape, slanted pockets, and soft chambray lining give off a “secret millionaire at home in Santa Barbara weekend” energy.

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For my guys ready for something a little more statement, this launcher jacket Detachable sheepskin fleece collar that!

This buttery, tan, downright arm-wearing jacket is a worthy fall investment purchase. I can already see you wearing it on your way to a dinner party at a friend’s house.

Or curl up in suede lace-up boots and soft flannel. Don’t blame me if you suddenly feel the urge to buy a vintage ’70s pickup truck and move to Montana.

Flint and Tinder wax trucker jacket in black

It’s giving me a refined ranch hand! Now, maybe I’ve been spending too much time in Mountain West (just kidding, no!). yellowstone-adjacent appearance It can easily adapt to cities.

Reference: That episode Inheritance when the family goes to New Mexico.

TV mentions aside, the all-weather jacket has been named as one of the most versatile fall jackets for men for several reasons.

First, the wax coating is a clutch upgrade from your standard denim tracker. Don’t let a sudden downpour ruin your day or your outfit.

Second, the blanket-like flannel lining (even the sleeves!) adds warmth and comfort on chilly days.

Finally, the short, casual shape works just as well with jeans, white tees and boots as it does with joggers, sneakers and crewneck sweaters.

Howler Brothers Fleece Jacket

Somewhere in the sartorial personality matrix between Nature Boy and Financial Buddies lives this exceptionally good, very comfortable fleece jacket.

The muted colors and slim cut make it hard to mistake for a hiking jacket.

Yes you are camping in this comfy zip up. Yes, walking the dog on a breezy Sunday morning.

But do you even know what you’re doing?

Meet the woman you’re trying to impress and go on a sunset picnic. Or make a rare appearance in a hybrid workplace mid-week. This thoughtfully designed fleece her jacket is a step above average in every way.

Flint and Tinder quilted shirt jacket

Listen, I’m the first to admit that basically never No Promote the Eho Agenda. I love Kacey Musgraves and he has 3 pairs of cowboy boots. We’re pretty sure the guy in the snap button shirt deserves the cover of a romance novel.

This innovation was born out of cowboys who didn’t have easy access to tailors, but I think it was also made to drive women wild.

Anyway… It’s a shirt jacket, so it’s versatile!

i love This quilted denim style From Flint and Tinder.

This is one of those layers that you’ll realize you can wear a million ways.

It’s comfortable on its own as a shirt, but it also looks great over a t-shirt or under a puffy vest with mid-wash jeans, khakis, and joggers. Sneakers, boots, Birkenstock Boston clogs… Yes, yes. Giddy up and add to cart, my friend.

Alex Mill denim chore jacket

foo boy For men, do you prefer chore jackets, also known as work coats or chore coats?

A slightly more style-conscious cousin to the shirt jacket, it has a casual, relaxed fit. Care.

Being a thoughtful dresser who pays attention to detail.

you know, andYes this is all from the jacket!

Renowned street style photographer Bill Cunningham has turned the traditional blue twill chore jacket into an iconic piece. This his version of Alex Mill’s denim puts a fresh twist on the classic.

You can see it with fresh high-waisted khakis and a crisp white shirt, or very dark straight-leg jeans and a hoodie. this It’s a ticket.


For breezy days, gloomy rains, and everything in between, these are fall jackets that won’t let you down.

A stylish jacket that can be worn from September to December.

A jacket that makes you think, “Wow, yes, I have the perfect one to wear right now,” when you see it hanging in your closet.

So get dressed and enjoy objectively the most dressed-up season of the year. (Sorry, we don’t make rules!)

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