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Delivered in partnership with Pipette and Shopstyle. All opinions are 100% my own!

Happy Monday! Have a great weekend. Ours was very modest and much needed!

Today, we are excited to partner with one of our favorite Clean Baby + Mom brands again. pipetteWe are pleased to inform you about our ongoing 35% off sale in honor of your birthday. Even better, you all get additional discounts –40% off with code JESS40! (ends 10/15/22).

If you’re a mom, expectant mom, or just looking for great baby gifts, this is a great post for you! Take a look and you’ll quickly see why pipettes are one of them.

This is my second time partnering with the brand after becoming a customer myself when I was looking for a good baby sunscreen in preparation for a trip to Florida! I was thrilled to receive a partnership inquiry in my inbox this spring.?? Anyway, let’s talk more about the brand and what I’ve tried, loved, and keep repurchasing!

what i like pipette:

1. Ingredients– How we eliminated over 2,000 ingredients deemed questionable in terms of safety or potential irritancy (and EWG verified).

2. Own products work. As I mentioned earlier, their sunscreen was my “gateway” product. (I don’t know how many “clean” baby sunscreens I’ve tried. I was completely confused, couldn’t rub in, and all left a chalky white residue!) wanted to try other products! They kindly sent me some for review. Also bought some back for myself!

3. Prescribed by scientists, doctors and parents: To make sure their formula is safe (they conduct their own product testing) and effective!

4. Affordable. Seriously – cheaper than some drugstore brands and much higher quality! (That doesn’t even count the sale price!)

Pipette products in cart:

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen: (My code is now $9.00!) My favorite sunscreen for June and probably my favorite Pipette product! 100% mineral sunscreen with a very safe and gentle mineral formula that is gentle on baby’s skin. It also leaves no nasty chalky residue. I love this stuff too and use it on Neil and myself! It’s great for the whole family and if you don’t want to take too many things to the beach there is 1 clean sunscreen that works for everyone It is convenient to have one. 40% off with code JESS40!

Pipette Baby Balm Stick: (Now $4.80 with my code!) Easy-to-apply stick-type all-purpose balm! From treating chapped cheeks (both sets ?) to preventing drib, diaper rash, and chafing, it’s great for all seasons. For some reason, June allows me to rub this stick into her face much easier than applying the product with my fingers, so it’s a win in my book! (This goes without saying…obviously, get two different sticks to use for the face and diaper area!) It’s basically a clean aquaphor, but Not heavy and not sticky! 40% off with code JESS40!

Pipette Baby Wash + Shampoo: (Now $6.00 with my code!) Their baby wash is great for both body and hair, the bottle is super cute sitting in the tub (I’m a branding snob, I’m not ashamed) and I love the light scent! 40% off with code JESS40!

Pipette baby lotion: (Now $6.00 with my code!) I’ll admit, at first I didn’t like the idea of ​​this not coming in a pump bottle, but So So much more product out of it! My other lotions come in pump bottles, but when I know I still have a lot of product left over just because it’s impossible to get the last bit out with the pump, I always As far as the formula is concerned, I really like how light it is and how quickly I rub it in! It’s always a rodeo to paint and put on pajamas. I repurchased this after running out of the one bottle they gifted me a few months ago! 40% off with code JESS40!

Pipette body lotion: for me! I was looking for a clean body lotion that didn’t cost more than $30 a bottle (which is currently only $14 at list price). $8.40 with my code!) – I bought a lot but loved June so on a whim I bought Pipette Adult Lotion – it’s great! Described as “zero gravity” and it really feels like it!), rubs in right away, this is for you! I would say it is light to moderately hydrating on the hydration scale and is an excellent overall daily body moisturizer. Use code JESS40 and get 40% off until the end of September!

Kids Detangler: (Now $4.80 with my code!) This is the only product on the list that I haven’t tried yet, but June’s hair has grown longer and it’s time to get the product for her! ! ? 40% off with code JESS40!

Don’t forget to get 40% off with code JESS40 until 10/15!

Partnered with Pipette & Shopstyle. All opinions are 100% my own!

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