4 Elements: Power of Consciousness, Gold, Myrrh and Fashion

In this post, I’ll share a quote from one of my favorite books, “Pearls of Wisdom” by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. These quotes speak specifically and symbolically about fashion. I omitted a word from the quoted sentence. We detail what these quotes mean when it comes to healthy fashion.

There are four specific concepts of fashion that the quote refers to. Fashion and Awareness Awareness, Fashion and Spiritual Protection, Fashion and Her Four Elements (Spiritual Alchemy), Fashion and Beauty (Spiritual Jewelry and Perfumes), Fashion and Crystals (Accessories). Fashion can be used for energy, mindfulness, balance and self-care.

I recently read “Pearls of Wisdom” and wrote down some quotes in a notebook because I couldn’t find a print copy anywhere else, except in library books. I could only find it in the library, so I wanted to make a note of it. As you may find on the internet, this is his 1976 dictation book called “Pearls of Wisdom” by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Prophet. If you want to read it, it’s at the San Diego Central Library. “Pearls of Wisdom, Malibu, Calif.: Summit College. 1977..

I can’t find a specific book online. If you’re interested, check out the author’s other books for sale at Summit Lighthouse. Spiritual Books by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet Elizabeth and Mark Prophet are no longer alive. Mark Prophet has published over 108 of his books, good lead! Elizabeth Prophet has 239 books. good lead!These books reveal the secrets of the universe. I’ve known about their work for years, but I’ve finally started reading their books.

One thing I noticed in their books is that they talk a lot about fashion indirectly, using words like “wear, cloak, dress.” A book is a spiritual book. Here are some specific quotes (others will be finalized in future blog posts).

I wanted to mention that Elizabeth Claire Prophet was a fashion icon. If you google her name and look at her images, you’ll see that her outfits are as spiritual as they are stylish.

The three Mark and Elizabeth Prophet books I have read are:

  • The Soulless One: Counterfeit Cloning Mark Prophet

  • pearl of wisdom By Mark & ​​Elizabeth Prophet

  • corona class lesson Elizabeth Prophet

Some of these quotes listed below are symbolic. They don’t talk about fashion specifically, but they do use fashion and beauty terms.

The 5 quotes I mention are

  • fashion and consciousness

  • fashion and spiritual protection

  • Fashion and the Four Elements (Alchemy of the Spirit)

  • Fashion and beauty (spiritual jewelry and perfumes)

  • fashion and crystal (accessories)

I chose to talk about specific quotes from Elizabeth and Marc Prophet’s books because they show that fashion is much deeper than how we perceive fashion today. Especially for those who lead a spiritual lifestyle, these quotes will definitely be of interest to you.In order to develop our wardrobe and corporate healthier, We need to look at our fashion in a spiritual way..

5 quotes from pearls of wisdom

fashion and consciousness

“…all is true, and there is no wrinkle in the garments of being and consciousness…” – Mark and Elizabeth the Prophet, pearl of wisdom

This quote is more symbolic, but it speaks of consciousness. Having wrinkle-free clothes is a symbol of purity. (This is symbolic, but I feel wrinkles in clothes are natural.) But our consciousness of existence is pure and wrinkle-free. I think it’s a beautiful quote.

I myself am not always awake. I am still not always conscious. But I do know that fashion can be used to awaken more.You can use fashion as a tool to be conscious.

fashion and spiritual protection

“…is your own beloved I AM being walking the earth in the temple you wear? – Mark and Elizabeth the Prophet, pearl of wisdom

This quote is also symbolic. Because “the temple you wear” has several meanings. It could mean that we are wearing an I AM being, the human body could be a temple, and so could the clothing we wear. . I believe that the “temple you wear” is spiritual protection. When you go there, it is full of light, and the temple is a protection, confining the light within the church.

Fashion and the Four Elements (Alchemy of the Spirit)

“…you became air, fire, water, and earth, and there was an alchemical solution…” -Mark and Elizabeth the Prophet, pearl of wisdom

In my book Healthy Fashion, I talk about fashion and the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. It is said that there is a certain alchemy when we wear the four elements. In my book Healthy Fashion, I don’t specifically say that we will be wind, fire, water, and earth, but wearing the clothes of the four elements is the spirit. It is said to represent becoming wind, fire, water, and earth due to traditional alchemy. This is very interesting and the way you need to “become” air, fire, water and earth, I agree. I believe that our five bodies (mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual) should become four elements, of which clothing is a part.

Fashion and beauty (spiritual jewelry and perfumes)

“…the third eye and the crown of gold and frankincense and myrrh…” – Mark and Elizabeth the Prophet, pearl of wisdom

This quote specifically talks about gold, frankincense and myrrh that help the energy bodies in the chakras. Third eye, throat chakra, crown chakra, etc. I love the idea of ​​using essential oils in perfumes instead of chemical fragrances.

Perfumes and fragrances are a powerful part of fashion. Myrrh is a medicinal herb and is used as a perfume. Aromatherapy and herbalism are an important part of healthy fashion. Gold is known to help heal wounds and infections. You can wear frankincense and myrrh essential oils or burn incense on your clothes. Kinds of metals like gold help the body and have healing properties. Gold is also used in cosmetics, skin and anti-aging.

fashion and crystal accessories

“…send out sapphires of light, send out crystals of amethyst…” – Mark and Elizabeth Prophets, pearl of wisdom

This quote talks about the human body emitting light of crystal energy and using this crystal energy like a beam to help heal the earth and other humans. Whether it is jewelry, added to textile pigments, threads or fabrics, or worn as an accessory, wearing crystals is a healthy fashion. , physical body, emotional body, mental body, and energy body.

There is an alternative healing and holistic therapy called crystal healing or crystal therapy. To cleanse the crystals, place them in a bowl of sea salt for a few minutes. I learned about it from Hannah Kruger’s book.”Seven psychological causes of ill health.“It works very quickly and is easier than putting it in water, digging it up and putting it under dirt, or putting it in the moonlight, but these are also other great ways to cleanse your crystals.

final note

We need more healthy, creative, sacred and spiritual fashion. We need to be more consciously aware of how we perceive our clothes. To create a spiritual “alchemy” you need to wear the elements of the earth. You should wear earth, metal, herbal and crystal elements. We need to be spiritually protected and know that our clothing protects us. Our temple and our clothing are also part of the temple.

Part of my plan and goal for the Healthy Fashion campaign is to talk about fashion in a spiritual way. I want the industry to be able to market fashion in a more spiritual way as well. We want fashion consumers to wear “spiritual” fashion. When we take fashion spiritually, we are activating fashion consciousness and spiritual fashion consciousness.

Wearing these healthy fashions and using healthy beauty products is part of spiritual healing.As an energy healer and fashion entrepreneur, I see fashion becoming more spiritual and holistic. One of the solutions to making the fashion industry healthier is to create spiritual fashion and promote spiritual fashion awareness. is to activate the

If you’re interested in spirituality, I recommend Pearls of Wisdom. It may not be in print anymore, but there is another book called Pearls of Wisdom that may be the same or similar. Pearls of Wisdom: Teachings of the Ascended Masters Dictated to Apostle Mark and Prophet Elizabeth.

If you want to read more articles about fashion and spirituality, check out this article:”How can a modern fashion business be spiritual?

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