4 Easy DIYs: How to Remove Highlighters from Paper at Home

We recommend using a highlighter pen to mark up important text for quick reference. However, the question of how to remove highlighters from paper by mistake or for other reasons can be daunting and can do more harm than good.

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But surprisingly, there are some options that do not compromise the quality of the paper and leave no residue.

But learning how to remove highlighter from paper is as easy as using basic household remedies instead of harsh chemicals that risk completely destroying the paper. Did you know? The most effective and popular method is to use a lemon to remove highlighter from paper. You can also use other chemicals such as nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains without using lemon juice.

how to remove highlighter from paper

You can use the simple steps listed below to remove highlighter stains and restore the look of your book. do not hurry! Please note that not all highlighter markings can be erased. So keep reading to learn more about how to remove highlighter from paper without damaging the surface of the paper.

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Things necessary

  • lemon
  • paper towels/soft cloth
  • swab
  • Bottle lids and small bowls

remove highlighter from paper with lemon

pyranine The most important of all substances used in the manufacture of highlighters. Pyranine on the other hand he is sensitive to PH.

Lemons, on the other hand, are natural fruits that contain acidic juice, making them an ideal home remedy for stain removal. When used on stains, it acts as a natural bleach.

As a result, the use of lemon juice in PH-sensitive products causes them to fade and eventually become colorless. As a result, you can use this common home object to remove the highlighter clothing.

Follow these steps to remove highlighter ink from paper with lemon.

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Step 1: Squeeze lemon juice into a small bowl.

Squeeze lemon juice into a small bowl
Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

First, cut the lemon in half or quarter with a knife. Don’t risk squeezing a lemon directly on the highlighted word.

The reason for this is that lemons have a lot of juice and will wrinkle the paper if you put it directly in the ink. It can also spread the ink all over.

To get the juice, crush a lemon and juice it in a small bowl or bottle cap.

Step 2: Test Lemon Juice Damage to Paper

Soak one side of the cotton swab in the lemon juice. Before using it on the main area of ​​the paper, you should test it on other areas to see if it will damage the paper. It’s from

You can test it on the corner of the book or on the last page. However, if it seems to work without damaging the paper, you should proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Use Lemon Juice to Remove Highlighter from Paper

Place a piece of stiff paper under the spot. It keeps other pages from getting wet. Using a cotton swab, begin to carefully rub the exact area you have highlighted. As you rub in, you’ll notice the lemon kicks in and the highlighted ink recedes.

After 2-3 rubs you will see that all the highlighted ink has been erased. It works as a bleach-based ink eraser in an amazing way.

Do not rub more than 3 times as this can further wrinkle and tear the paper. Cheap paper will start to wrinkle even with the first rub.

Step 4: Add the finishing touches

After you’ve wiped off all the ink, wipe up any remaining lemon juice with a paper towel. But this is not the end of the story. If the paper is wrinkled, steps should be taken to correct it.

If the paper is wrinkled Cover the wrinkled area with printer paper. Then iron a few times on the lowest setting. This step is not necessary if the page is not wrinkled.

Final thoughts on how to remove highlighter from paper

Highlighting important text with a highlighter pen is a great way to remember it, especially for children. However, if you make an error or want to use it somewhere else, you may need to remove the highlighter smudge.

In such scenarios, it is worth trying the above technique. By using them, it is possible to remove ink everywhere.

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