30 pairs of flared pants that will make you forget about skinnies

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Every fall, you subconsciously flip a switch in your head and every waking thought changes from dresses, miniskirts, and shorts to pants. From September to April he said that if I’m not wearing jeans, I can bet big bucks on wearing some sort of trousers, whether it’s a wide-leg style or a more fitted style. I can do it. But this season, my options are a little narrower, with more emphasis on a particular style of pants: flares.

After years of searching for the perfect slacks for work, play, and everything in between, I’ve finally settled on flares as a beat style. A sleek silhouette always looks uplifting, easy, and chic. Three things I try to achieve with all my outfits. And since I’m probably not the only one whose goal when getting dressed is to look and feel great, I’ve gone ahead and created a list of fall flares that accomplish just that. Go on and shop the best pairs on the market this season.

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