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3 hair experts discuss the best time to change your hairstyle

When is the best time to change your hairstyle?

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Many young women are trying to find the perfect time to change their hairstyle to another great style, but it ultimately just doesn’t work out.After publishing a post about the best shampoos for hair extensions, three We interviewed the hairstylists of Hair Industry Experts, who revealed to EveryDay Stunner the best time for you to change that hairstyle.

There are many reasons why you should change your hairstyle. Among them is the prevention of hair loss or what is commonly called alopecia, which is the serious loss of hair from the body, but this time from the head, every woman wants her hair to look like this. Other women take pleasure in having low haircuts, but as long as they believe, beauty is there.

When should you change your hairstyle?

when to change hairstyle
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After interviewing two experts who have spoken extensively on the subject, we were able to get some key factors in determining the best time to change your hairstyle.

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First interview with Melissa Gilbert

The first hairstylist we spoke to was Melissa Gilbertshe is an esthetician and hair expert great serviceand here’s what she said about the best time for you to change your hairstyle.

According to Melissa, the best time to change your hairstyle is simple. Just like when you come across a hairstyle that appeals to you, when you start to feel like you need and want a change, you probably have the potential to change it.

However, you should take into consideration things like your hair type, level of commitment to your haircut, and whether it will be acceptable for your job. Ask yourself all these questions.

She also added that it is very important to listen to your hair stylist and give them the freedom to make suggestions. Just think about whether it will make you feel better.

In conclusion, Melissa Gilbert says that if you’ve had the same hairstyle for years and you’re happy with how it looks, there’s no need to change it, so move on with your life.Your trust in other people’s hands Ask your friends, colleagues and family for recommendations.

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After finishing my interview with Melissa Gilbert of Fantastic Services, I was able to understand the importance of knowing when to change my hairstyle and when not to. , or years as long as you feel very confident wearing that particular style.

Second interview with Yovanka Loria

we went ahead of the interview Yovanka LoriaFounder and Creative Director of Yovanka Loria Salon, Yovanka Loria Extensiona line of high-end and luxurious hand-knotted hair extensions.

The second hairstylist we interviewed on this subject, Yovanka Loria, gave us some good tips on the best time to change our hairstyle. .

She started by saying that changing your hairstyle is as easy as wanting to feel good about yourself and can be done whenever you want. Any birthday!) or just because you feel like it!

The best time to change your hairstyle is when you feel like doing it… Yovanka Loria

With the increasing focus on self-care, especially for those of us who are hair extension specialists, the impact we see every day is incredible. It’s all about creating a hair routine that fits your taste and lifestyle . Getting ready with your favorite hair feels like a fun activity instead of a tiresome chore.

Hair extensions were previously considered high maintenance. Interestingly, it requires less maintenance because you don’t have to worry about your hair as much. The style will last much longer and wash days will be farther away.

You will be amazed at how the quality and process have been improved to create the most natural look. A realistic extension doesn’t have to be overkill. But if you want quality hair and good results, don’t try to cut costs with this.

Rumbye Mutsiwa Interview Part 3

Founder and Creative Director - Rumbie & Co. Rumby Muziwa
Founder and Creative Director – Rumbie & Co. Rumby Muziwa

Founder and creative director Rumbie & Co. was the third hairstylist we interviewed about the best time to change hairstyles. Lumbi MtsiwaAccording to Lumby, the best time to change your hairstyle is when you find yourself considering the change many times within a fairly short time frame. .

The best time to change your hairstyle is every 6 to 12 months.

It’s usually a sign that you’re ready for change. However, she added that she does not change her hairstyle after a significant event, especially if she becomes very emotional after a breakup, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a business deal. I often regret

In summary, Rumbie suggests that the best time to change hairstyles is every 6 to 12 months, and she doesn’t just say that, she also encourages her clients to keep things fresh. , always encourages change/hair goals (big or small). We are not the same people year after year so why should our hair be the same? .

Some Signs That You’re Ready For Change

  1. Your hair takes time and effort to style
  2. your hair does not retain hair color
  3. your hair is showing signs of wear
  4. your hair is starting to thin

What to do when you want to change your hairstyle

What to do when you want to change your hairstyle
Photo by Süheyl Burak on Unsplash

Regarding this topic, when you finally decide that you are ready for your new hairstyle, there are other things you should do in order to successfully change your hairstyle and be happy with the new hair you created.

  1. come up with a new hairstyle
  2. go to the hair salon
  3. buy hair extensions
  4. Look in the mirror!

If you’re ready to change your hairstyle, start by figuring out what new style you want to create. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll need to go to a hair salon or buy hair extensions to put them on and fix your gaze. Look in the mirror at the salon and ask yourself if this is really what I want.

Once you have the answer to that question, you will either leave the saloon very happy or unsatisfied because your next action has already been decided and you will not be able to get your changed hairstyle right away.

Benefits of changing hairstyle

Finally, if you must have convinced yourself in your heart that you need a new hairstyle, you are naturally forced to ask about the benefits of changing your hairstyle. I know you’re wondering if there’s an advantage.

  1. you wear a new look
  2. hair smells better
  3. you look pretty
  4. Uniform
  5. happiness

New look: When you changed your hairstyle, you must have looked in the mirror and noticed that you looked different than before your new hairstyle.

Pleasant Hair Scent: Most women who sweat their heads notice that their hair smells bad after carrying it around for a while. When you change to a new hairstyle, you will smell new. Attractive and attractive.

Neat and presentable appearance: One of the incredible benefits of wearing a new hairstyle is that you can look good and look neat at the same time. No one wears a particular hairstyle for decades.

Uniform: Most of the time, due to work or personal events that we have to attend, we have to change our hairstyle to a specific style to maintain uniformity throughout the event.

happiness: I don’t know about you, but personally, I find joy in wearing new things, such as clothes and items. Changing hairstyles naturally makes me very happy. I think you will too.

There are many other benefits of changing your hairstyle and as you can easily see in the back of your mind, share the article to add additional benefits I didn’t mention so you can educate your friends too. can be

Conclusion | Time to change your hairstyle

In conclusion, from what Melissa Gilbert and Yovanka Loria have said on the topic, everyone agrees that the best time to change your hairstyle is when it feels right. Changing your hairstyle to something new is a personal choice, so the next time that little voice tells you that your hair is about to change, pay attention to it. there is.

You can always share this article so that everyone looking for the best time to change their hairstyle can easily find it in their inbox. cheers!

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