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3 Fall Trends Under $50

Looking for a little mix-up in your closet this fall? But you want it to fit the trend and your budget.partnered with at walmart fashion today Discover three styles to match fall trends and budgets.Each piece I wear is surprisingly well under $50. The quality is there, the fit is great and the price is perfect. My go-to brand walmart that is scoop When free assemblythe scoop is more trend-forward and the free assembly is more everyday.

Let’s take a look at three fall trends. Retro sets, bright knits and maximalists.

retro set

Sounds like the 60’s, doesn’t it? Sounds like a great vintage set. I feel like she can live another 10 years in this outfit. I love when Retro gets it right, fully updated for 2022.

I expected this fabric to be almost stiff, like pleats. Still see this. She’s fresh, chic, and a French granny living her best life. This set doesn’t have to be paired, but they really come to life when used together. For pants, wear a tank or T-shirt with a blazer for a very chic look. And, of course, the top works on its own (even in denim like the one you see here!).

seek Walmart Exclusive Scoop PantsWhen Find the top here!


Hot pink, red marble, layered fabric with tiered ruffles, a miniskirt, and a high neckline. president, coaches a children’s soccer team, and has been promoted 9-to-5.This fall is all about reviving everything at once, from color to pattern to ruffles to detail. Adorable four colors from Walmart (I love navy too!!) Find it here. (I’m M!)

bold knit

I know you’ve set aside color a bit, but don’t be afraid to bring it back this fall. They feel very bright and unexpected at this time of year. i love this sweater. This one is also really nice quality, it’s not cropped but it’s not too long so it’s good for layering too. I’m medium and it fits perfectly! Find it here.

I know we’re talking about color as a trend, but this skirt deserves a special mention. is M and the fit is TTS. Find it here for under $25!

*Thanks to Walmart for working with this post! Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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