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26 Stylish 70s Curtain Bangs: How to style curtain bangs for a flattering vibe!

curtain bangs

What are curtain bangs?

curtain bangsAlso curtain fringe As they are also known, the bangs in this style are parted in the middle and often frame the face on both sides. Farrah Fawcett When Goldie Hawn in the 70’s.And they make a fascinating change full fringe or Asymmetric fringe From the side parting that was very popular for a while.

Or, if you don’t have a fringe right now, it could be a great makeover to completely change your style to match this year’s retro fashion explosion. So it’s also a good time to find a new ’70s way to style your bangs.

70s curtain bangs – a flattering change

curtain bangs Softer and more flattering than a straight fringe, it’s cut into a curve that starts long on the side so it can be blended into side layers. If you’re nervous about going from no bangs to a fringed style, start with a long curtain his bangs. They can be easily curled and joined to the rest of the hair, leaving the forehead bare.

Versatility and Economy

That’s the nice thing about long curtain bangs. It’s versatile and can be styled in many different ways. However, curtain bangs are a pretty safe bet for all face shapes, so it’s unlikely your stylist will leave you with a look you’re not happy with.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to go back to your hairstylist and get a little trim every three to four weeks.

Curtain bangs are practical

11 Gorgeous Reasons Why Curtain Bangs Rule The Beauty Launchpad
11 Gorgeous Reasons Why Curtain Bangs Rule The Beauty Launchpad


Also, with more people working from home and having to wait longer before visiting their local hair salon, many are opting for longer fringes. If you haven’t, or even cut your own bangs (and aren’t happy with your handiwork ), now is a good time for all of us to learn how to style curtain bangs!

A friend of mine cut her own bangs into a micro fringe. So I’m sure she’s not the only one who prefers styling long fringes rather than risking another mini-fringe cut disaster!

Do curtain bangs look good on you?

Curtain bangs can be adjusted to fit almost any face shape and accentuate your facial features. ). https://scissortec.com/) who knows how to cut the new fringe to the best length for you.

For example, people with heart-shaped faces and wide foreheads love curtain bangs that cover the outer edges of the forehead and leave the center of the forehead bare. increase. A split fringe creates beautiful symmetry in your face shape, so much closer to the oval ideal!

low forehead and nasolabial folds

Women with low foreheads should wear short, deep fringes to hide their hairline and make their forehead appear higher. Long parted curtains that reach down to the cheekbones Her fringe is another great style that deftly covers the crow’s feet at the outer edge of the eye. Also, if you have naturally curly hair, don’t forget to let your stylist know if you plan to wear your new fringe curly, wavy, or straight. This indicates the length and depth to cut.

Fashionable new look

With a few exceptions described at the bottom of the page, curtain bangs suit most hairstyles and lengths. Whether you have a shaggy, chunky, or sleek finish, or a cute pixie, slanted bob cut, or long straight hair, our new curtains can add trendy style and a fashionable new look. We have bang style!

Who Can’t Wear Curtain Bangs?

Unfortunately, if you have a “widow” peak or cowlick on your hairline above your forehead, you often won’t be able to get the mid-parting needed for the curtain look. It’s not thick or heavy enough to gain. Because this keeps all the natural weight of the hair intact.

Are curtain bangs easy to clean?

As with all types of fringe, curtain bangs need to be styled and maintained, but are still not difficult to care for. However, with so many great anti-frizz products on the market these days, don’t let hot weather and forehead sweat stop you from getting curtain bangs.

Styling suggestions:

Flip end curtain bangs

Create a center part in long, wavy hair and let the bangs hang down to cheekbones. Then use a small hairstyling tool to pull the ends away from your face.

long straight hair

Long straight hair is one of the most popular hairstyles for women and girls. It’s nice to see long, healthy hair, but it can also be a little boring. So why not add a very long curtain bang that curls back from the face for a softer and more feminine look.

Short hair with curtain bangs

Many short haircuts look great with drapery bangs, and there are various ways to add trendy style to a simple bob. increase. You can set trends at work when you wear her in one of this year’s amazing new hair fashion colors, including deep coral and lavender.

long bob & curtain fringe

The ever-popular lob haircut looks great with all types of waves. And it’s a very attractive and easy style look.

long face shape curtain bangs

The curtain fringe adds a bit of length due to the split section in the middle of the forehead. The fringe should be long enough to create a diagonal line that “cuts” the length of your face. .

long hair long curtain bangs

If you want to get a new style but don’t want to keep your hair short, try long curtain bangs. The “wings” that frame the face and a more youthful appearance are obtained.

Curtain fringe on wavy hair

Adding a curtain fringe to medium-long waves gives a more modern look that is easy to style. Simply straighten the fringe a bit for a fresh new look where the fringe stops just above your brows .

pixie cut with curtain bangs

pixie cut with curtain bangs
pixie cut with curtain bangs

Pixie cuts are super trendy, but if you’re tired of side partings and side-swept fringes, switch to curtains! I can do it.

Curtain bang for round face

Curtain fringes are a great way to add length to a round face and make it look slimmer. Make the most of the new trends. It’s a very modern and flattering look, especially when using soft fantasy colors.

Messy ponytail and bun curtain bangs

Curtain bangs with raised hair

Long curtain fringes add a lot of interest and personality to your updo. You can get a fashionable messy look with a very long fringe up to your cheekbones and a casual ponytail or a disheveled bun. please.

Curtain bangs with side parting

Most curtain bang styles are split symmetrically in the middle to change from the many asymmetric styles we love.

how to dry curtain bangs

Air-drying bangs is easy, just comb the fringes to your liking, clip them with metal hair clips to hold them in place, and let them air dry. please give me.

1. Part your hair in the middle, take a 1 inch section from near the temple and wrap it around a 1 inch round styling brush.
2. Hold the brush perpendicular to the hairline.
3. This is to avoid blow drying the bangs horizontally.
4. Apply heat for a few seconds, then let your hair cool for a few more seconds to give it a new shape.
5. Gently separate the hair sections and continue this way to the center of the fringe.
6. Then repeat the process, starting on the other side.

top tips

• You can also use a flat iron to take both sides of the curtain bangs away from your face.
• If you want to keep your natural curls intact, simply ‘open’ your face by pulling the fringes to the sides.

There are no hard and fast rules about the proper length of bangs for curtains. You can discuss this with your hair stylist. Consider your face shape and seek out curtain bang styles that emphasize your best features and minimize areas you don’t want to show off. Wear fashion clothes and have fun!

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