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21 Best Short Low Taper Fade Haircuts For Men 2022

People in 2022 are starting to go back to basic haircuts.Time for long hair is starting to disappear. This has paved the way for a revival of less faded haircuts. If you want a short haircut, a haircut with less fade is the best and classic option. Haircuts we all know are trendy, edgy, stylish and flattering. So you’re probably wondering which styles are best to incorporate a low taper fade haircut.

A low fade haircut creates a unique character in a basic short haircut without being too flashy.Like a high fade, a low fade also gives you the sharp side you need.

There are multiple options to choose from low fade styles to choose from. Buzz cuts, spiky faux hawks, and cool back hair that doesn’t fade.

As the name suggests, the low fade ends in the lows and mids. It also has about an inch of fade on the back and ends cleanly on the bottom.

Basically, a low taper fade haircut starts at a low level just above the ears and gradually shortens. If you don’t like fading close to your skin, this is the hairstyle you must try.

It provides a well-groomed, sturdy finish, which is what most men sought after a haircut. I rocked my hairstyle.

A low fade taper results in low contrast and requires sufficient length at the top. Pompadour, side part, undercut and other hairstyles fit the criteria. Tapered sides are a great low maintenance haircut perfect for professionals.

Then what are you waiting for? Read the article below to check out some of the coolest low fade taper haircuts for men in 2022.

21 Best Short Low Taper Fade Haircuts For Men 2022


It works wonders with just the top hair length. The pompadour creates a large volume on the top and goes well with the beard.

short low taper fade

wavy low taper fade curly hair fringe

The wavy fringe gives a lot of texture to the top, and the fade looks sick to AF.

short low taper fade

tapered door floor

Afro hairstyles are not very suitable for the professional life, but they are very suitable for the beach look. However, if you are an entrepreneur or a business person, add a fade to your afro.


short low taper fade

side part fade

The side part is an evergreen haircut that everyone has at a young age, and adding a fade makes it the sexiest high school haircut.


short low taper fade

undercut with beard

Undercut is an underrated haircut. An undercut gives you more facial bumps than any other haircut.


comb over

The comb over is a very basic hairstyle, but just wait until you add a low fade to this classic hairstyle and you’ll be the best looking professional in the office.


short low taper fade

360 wave

Not everyone maintains 360 degree wave hair, but if you do, this should be your summer hairstyle.


short low taper fade

skin fade

Skin fading starts very close to the ear area and many hairs are gone. But a good transition from the temples to the top gives it a sleek and classy look.

short low taper fade

How would you describe this look?

The undercut is a modern hairstyle that can be varied by fading or taper if you use the technique. My favorite thing about undercuts is the short to long cut.

Do you have any advice for those who are considering it?

Shorter haircuts do not require product maintenance, but they do need to be trimmed every few weeks to maintain their length. Otherwise, it will be a pompadour or side part.

classic taper undercut

If you like the length of your hair on top, this classic taper is your go-to.

short low taper fade

short hair french crop

The French crop is a very trendy haircut and you must have an idea about it. And the mixture of both is what is called sexy. shave.

short low taper fade

Sporty thick taper cut

This is one for every athlete reader. I have short hair and need minimal maintenance. Tapered haircuts are suitable for people with thick and curly hair. This taper is not only at the top, but begins to decrease as you go down.

short low taper fade

hollywood combover style

Who isn’t a fan of Hollywood? Perfect for date night! Who wouldn’t want to look like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio? Comb your hair and set the top hair length to your liking.

short low taper fade

Quiff with less fade

A quiff is very similar to a pompadour, but unlike a pompadour, which is swept backwards, the quiff is meant to stay in front of the head and does not need to be as long as the pompadour.

short low taper fade

combo with low fade

Most people are looking for a fashionable and professional haircut. This style is very tight yet still shows off your personality.

short low taper fade

textured hair low taper fade curly hair

If you don’t want your hair straightened or in a basically defined style, you can go for a textured look. But your barber should know the tricks to get low taper fade curly hair and mess it up.

short row

Spectacular beard with little fade

To look good, you need to level up your beard as well as your hairstyle. The contrast between the short hair on the side and the long hair on the top makes the beard look beautiful.

    taper fade

Sexy and sophisticated low fade

This is a very subtle low fade haircut and a very versatile style to choose from. This low fade undercut makes for a very unique and modern look.

taper fade

low taper fade curly hair

Wavy hair makes it easy to create textured hairstyles. Longer strands are mixed with texture to create the illusion of volume.

taper fade

blonde low fade haircut

You can get any of the above low fade haircuts you like.

What is the lowest fade value?

A high fade starts at the top of the head and a low fade starts just below the temples. The lowest fade is available in many options for hairstyles.

The mid fade is the most preferred as it sits right in between the high and low fades.

What to tell your barber for a low fade?

If you want to join the hairstyle game, first find a good barber. Second, don’t change barbers often. A good barber will know the difference between low, medium and high fades. If you have something specific in mind, let your barber know in advance or find a similar photo.

What is medium low fade?

A low fade starts from the temples to the ears, and a medium low fade is described as a slightly higher fade just below the mid fade.

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