Is A Gleason Score Of 7 A Death Sentence

I was diagnosed with a gleason 7 cancer 18 months ago, i had surgery 12 months ago and as far as anyone knows i am now cancer free. Group 1, men with negative surgical margins (nsms) and no ece;

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In my case i was gleason 9 in almost 100% of the prostate and it had spread to a few nearby lymph nodes and a small metastasis to my right hip femoral neck.

Is a gleason score of 7 a death sentence. Cancers with a gleason score of 7 can either be gleason score 3+4=7 or gleason score 4+3=7: Gleason score 3+4=7 tumors still have a good prognosis (outlook), although not as good as a gleason score 6 tumor. Dabby, just a little something to ease some of your worry about your husband's gleason 7.

Men with gleason 7 scores must be aware that all “7’s” are not the same. If your first number is a 4 your risk for developing bone metastases and dieing from your cancer is significantly higher then those with gleason “7’s” where the first number is a 3. This is one reason i started my site is to tell a story that a high gleason is not an automatic death sentence.

Group 3, men with nsms and ece; One hundred and forty one rp patients had available first postoperative psas, among which 33 (23.4%) This is not actually the case at all.

The gleason scale rates cases of prostate cancer on a scale of 2 to 10, with higher scores assigned to cancers that are growing more quickly. A gleason score of 7 indicates an intermediate level of cancer. Hi kitkat, i was gleason 9 with psa 1730 when diagnosed 8 years ago at the age of 47.

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Discovering i had cancer was a low point for me. The men were stratified into five groups based on pathological characteristics: Hi, sorry for the diagnosis but it is not a death sentence.

3 + 4 and 4 + 3. I took part in stampede trial receiving chemo, zometa and hormone therapy. There is a perception among a lot of patients — especially when they get diagnosed — that having a high gleason score of 8, 9, or 10 is essentially a “death sentence”, regardless of how they get treated.

Given a gleason score of 7 or greater, the probability of dying. I have recently gone through chemo again and am now on. I had a slowly increasing psa until my yearly physical where it tipped over 4 (4.2).

Remember, that there are 3 more gleason scores after this: These groupings are not entirely accurate, since a gleason score of 7 is made up of two grades: So pay attention to how your gleason score is devised.

A gleason score 4+3=7 tumor is more likely to grow and spread than a 3+4=7 tumor, yet not as likely as a gleason score 8 tumor. It's a shock to receive a cancer diagnosis, but a gleason score of 7 is normally regarded as medium risk and depending upon other factors is often curable. I just feel that no one should make our problems any greater than they already are.

Widespread bone and lymph node mets. Stage 4 doesn’t have to be a death sentence. My psa dropped dramatically and for a few years was below 1 on hormone therapy alone.

Am i using this to cope, maybe, but i don't think so. I was negative on the dre by my doc and had no symptoms. Plenty of men with gleason 8.

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The lower the gleason score, the less likely the cancer is going to spread to the lymph nodes, bones or other organs. Joel t nowak ma, msw Group 2, men with positive surgical margin (psms) and no ece;

Also, gleason scores of 9 or 10 have a worse outlook than a. I had a gleason score of 7 out of 10 — the higher the gleason score, the more likely it is that your cancer will grow and spread quickly. Charlie,you appear to be barely in the range to even be considered a cancer.

And even a higher gleason score does not a death sentence make. Gleason score of 7 treatment options.

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